Cockatoos and babies!

by Anonymous
(South Australia)

We have a pet sulphur crested cockatoo which has an indoor play stand for when we are inside the house. We are expecting our first child and are concerned with the cleanliness of our floor or the mess that our cokatoo makes. We are frequently cleaning up after him, however are concerned that this will not be enough for our newborns health.
Our cockatoo frequently poops on the floor and flaps inside leaving a huge mess to clean up nightly. Have you any suggestions for an inside play stand that will help to minimise mess? Or any other ideas.
We would like to continue bringing our cocky inside but are not happy with the mess all the time!

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Jun 04, 2012
Inside cage
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your help Linda. Our sulphur crested already has a cage inside and is bought in everytime we are home. He only sleeps in his outside cage. We are concerned with the amount of mess he drops on the floor and would like to reduce this for when we do have the baby. We have no intentions on giving him away, as he is a big part of our family.

We are just looking to find ways in which we can reduce the poop on the floor.


Jun 03, 2012
Cockatoos and babies!
by: Linda

I guess I don't understand what you are asking? Your bird needs a cage inside the house to go into, and if he is being left outside, he is going to get sick or predated upon. Before baby is born make sure he's examined by an Avian Vet to make sure he is healthy.

Parrots are cleaner than any human regardless of age if handled properly and kept clean and healthy. Get your bird an inside cage that is large, and when he is outside the cage, put down newspapers so he poops on them.

We also recommend yearly visits to the Avian Vet to make sure your bird has no infections.

Birds have only gram positive bacteria in their bodies unless they have a bacterial infection from contact with bacteria from humans coughing, sneezing or sometimes even being breathed on. Humans and other animals have gram negative bacteria which is what makes birds sick. So keep your bird away from baby's messes or baby will make bird sick.

If you do not plan on making your bird a part of your family by giving him a nice cage inside, do not just leave him outside all alone because you are no longer interested in his needs. Please work very hard to find him a new home where he will be loved, respected and understood because I do think there is a problem here with understanding just exactly who your parrot is.

Keep your child away from him until they are 8-10 years old, if you keep him, because small children cannot handle a parrot of any size, and give bird time to adjust to having a new human around as small children make parrot's very nervous.

Thanks for writing and hope all work out. Just keep your bird's needs in mind because he is not a threat to your baby if you are taking proper care of him.


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