Cockatoos - cover cage?

by Jasmine
(Foxboro,MA, United States)

Do I put a blanket over a birds cage??

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Mar 03, 2017
thank you
by: Anonymous

I thank all of you for your comments. They've helped me write about how to best care for a Moluccan in a coloring book I've drawn for Mollywood. I've quoted from Linda's section with the direction to its source. Karin at My Fat Fox

Dec 28, 2010
Covering a bird cage
by: The Avian Vet

I know some people do, but I do not recommend it. You can have a small area covered all of the time to give some security. Be sure to have the cage against a wall to have a protected side. Covering the cage fully is not necessary.

Dr B

Dec 28, 2010
Cockatoos - cover cage?
by: Linda

Since you offered no information about your home environment, I'll just speak generally to your question. A blanket is too thick unless you have absolutely no heat in your home. 70 or 71 degrees is warm enough if birds are out of any kind of draft including those created by overhead or floor heating/cooling vents. If windows are letting in drafts, then bird's cage does not need to be left in front of it.

We have a huge double Macaw cage and found a cover for it online. Cover is made of a medium weight polyester fabric, and we cover the top, back and sides at night leaving the front open. If you cover cage completely, always leave some area towards the bottom of cage so air can circulate. A blanket will be too hot for bird. You can use a large, heavier weight sheet of a light color as birds do not like bright colors on their cages. Bright colors scare them because there is so much of the fabric. So use a neutral colored large sheet or two to cover bird including front. If bird is not used to being covered, your sheets may have holes in them if you don't uncover cage as soon as daylight comes. Covers usually help birds feel not only warmer at night but also more safe and secure.

If your home is very cold, I suggest you get one of the small electric area heaters for bird's area as well as a lighter weight cover at night and during the day if needed. Birds do well at 70 or 71 during the winter and do better at 76-78 in the summer making sure they are not near a vent over them. We close the vent in our bird's room in the summer and open it in the winter and keep our house 71 in winter and 76-78 in summer.

Thanks for writing, Linda

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