cockatoos first egg

Hi, I have a single, 9 year old citron crested cockatoo who laid her first egg about a week ago. since then she has not laid anymore. she appears normal. she is still dancing but maybe a little irritable in the mornings? is it normal that she hasnt laid anymore eggs? we stopped petting her back and removed anything hse rubbed herself on to prevent chronic egg laying. should i expect more eggs?
thanks for your help

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Apr 30, 2011
cockatoos first egg
by: Linda

Maybe you will and maybe you won't. Since it is all up to the bird, it's hard to make a call on it.

Make sure your bird is eating an organic pelleted diet like Harrison's to keep her from having egg binding which is a life threatening situation where egg cannot pass and can kill your bird. Harrisons is a very good organic pellet and all natural, organic ingredients so no worries about pesticide/fertilizer residue, dyes, sugars or preservatives that you will find in the cheaper, low quality pellets.

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