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Is coconut oil put into cooked wild rice toxic for Rosy Bourke parakeets?

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Jul 03, 2012
Coconut oil toxic to birds?
by: Tracie

Coconut oil is not toxic, but it is not healthy for your birds to eat high fat foods. If you are just putting a little to keep it from sticking, then that is fine. Birds don't eat cooked foods in the wild, and honestly don't need them in captivity either. I think it is our human minds that come up with the idea they need all the yummy variety we like.

You may be feeding your bird a high quality pellet diet, but just in case, please read our Switching Parakeets To Pellets article and make sure you are feeding a high quality pellet like Harrison's or Roudybush to keep your bird from dying of fatty liver disease.

Dr B wrote the article, Switching Birds To Pellets that you might want to read also, if your bird isn't eating pellets. I found that my bourkes switched quicker using the first method, but many have had success with Dr B's method.

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