coconut shells for parrots

by ron perry
(brentwood, ca usa)

Can parrots eat coconut shells?

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Sep 21, 2015
Too Hard
by: Dee

I got a half shelf coconut with ropes going through the drilled holes for my Blue Fronted Amazon. He managed to crack the shell from the edge to the first drilled hole. His beak kind of looks like he's slowly being chiseling away at it so I had to the take the toy out. I replaced it with hard bpa free baby toys. He's had them for years and hasn't manged to destroy any yet.

Apr 18, 2012
can they eat them...
by: Anonymous

If you mean are they safe, YES they are safe for your bird.

Whether they will eat, chew or use them in any way is up to your bird. You won't know unless you try but you can most certainly give your bird the shell. The fibres on the shell can also make really good shredding toys. You can hide food in them & do what ever else your imagination allows you to do.

I have to whole coconut shells hanging on my bird stands, they love mucking around with them.

Apr 16, 2012
coconut shells for parrots
by: Linda

No, they don't eat them. Half coconut shells are used as toy bases for them with holes drilled in them for cotton rope with wooden toy pieces. The shells are too hard to tear up except maybe for the larger birds like Cockatoos or Macaws. Even then, if the half shell is large, I doubt they can actually tear them all the way up.

You can find the half shells with holes drilled in lots of pet shops who carry bird supples. There may even be some here. Your bird cannot play with a coconut shell that has any meat left in it or on it, and I don't recommend allowing them to eat much coconut either except for a very small smount every once in a while for a treat. It is a very rich food, and parrots do not need much, if any, rich foods. They need to eat their organic pellets with a little fruit and/or veggies added in small amounts a few times a week.

No people food is to be given to birds because it contains high amounts of salt, sugar and fat all of which kill birds. Birds have systems that require milder foods made for them. Seeds are also bad diets as are nuts including peanuts. Peanut oil is very harmful to both humans and birds and always has been. It is a source of very bad cholesterol and is much too rich for bird's more sensitive digestive systems.

You can find the organic pellets here, and it takes time to change a bird from seed to organic pellets. If you decide to do that, write back in for instructions on how to go about the change. No dietary changes like seeds to pellets can be made until bird has been examined by an Avian Vet to make sure they are healthy enough to begin a change as changes are stressful for birds, and a sick bird cannot tolerate stress.


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