Cold Food

by Lori
(Amarillo, TX)

Is it dangerous to feed adult birds their cooked food directly from the fridge? They seem to prefer it cold rather than room temp. My sun conure loves his blueberries frozen and always wants little pieces of ice.
Even their bird bread is kept in the fridge. I read a comment about it causing crop infections. Is that only in baby birds?

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Jul 28, 2010
human food for your bird?
by: ken

I am unsure if its the right thing to do to give
my pal sun conure human food like bits of bread or
cooked foods or share sweetened fruit drinks orange juice? His diet has always been Roddy Bush pellets and always clean bottled water,dried friuts,and one peanut a day,and sometimes apple.I keep his cage clean and clean out his droppings every day.I spend time with him each day.He gets to go outside a couple of times aweek.I try to get him to bed by 7pm each night. Is this ok any suggestions.
Thank You Doctor Ken

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Apr 20, 2010
Bird owner
by: Al Mitchell

I have a pair of blue front amazons,a yellow nape amazon, two pair of cocketiels, canaries and finches, in addition to there pellets, they also enjoy the rice mixture they have every other day, which is brown rice, mixed veggies, some seed, wheat germ, red pepper seed, all of them eat it and all of them except on pair of the cockatiels all prefer the mixture to be warm. they also get birdy bread which I also make, and prefer it warm as well so it probably depends on what your bird prefers, if they don't like it they won't eat it, and remember whether you put the food in warm or cold, do not leave it in the cage for more than a couple hours.

Apr 19, 2010
Feeding cold food to birds not harmful
by: The Avian Vet

Cold food is not harmful to birds and will not cause crop infections. Baby birds that are being hand fed should not be fed cool or cold formula because it will cause the crop to slow and potentially lead to infection.

Dr B

Apr 19, 2010
cooked food
by: Anonymous

That is only for chicks on formula.

As grown solid food eating birds you can offer the cooked food straight from the fridge if that's what you bird prefers.

My sunnie loves her cooked food warmed slightly :)

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