cold weather

by Angie
(St. Louis, Missouri)

My parrot loves to go places with me. I've taken him with me all spring, summer and fall. Now that its cold, is it o.k. to take him with me places if I warm up the car? I live in St. Louis, MO.

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Jan 04, 2012
Taking bird in cold weather
by: Tracie

Well, there are different thoughts on this, obviously.

If you have a cage like the Adventure Pack travel cage, that has a cover, and you are not leaving the bird in a cold car while you shop then it would probably be fine.

I would heat up the car before taking your bird out, then just make sure the flaps are all down or the cage is covered completely between the house and the car.

I have friends that also love to take their birds with them when they run errands. Make sure you seat belt the cage in the car, just like a car seat in case someone runs into you. Also recognize that even with the cage seat belted in, the bird will hit the cage bars hard in an accident and may not live through it.

Jan 04, 2012
cold weather
by: Linda

Angie, it is NOT a good idea to take your bird out during the winter unless it is for a needed trip to an Avian Vet. The chances of getting chilled are too great in the winter, so I suggeset you leave him home.

Depending on where you are taking your bird at other times of the year, you could be exposing him to disease/infections of all kinds. If you are taking him around other birds, I can assure you he has already caught something or will soon. It's not a good idea to take birds around any other birds because there are lots of viral diseases out there that are either deadly or very hard to get cured.

Play dates with parrots are also not a good idea. Basically, the best and healthiest idea is to keep your bird at home and let other people keep their birds at home too. This is the only way to prevent your bird from contracting something that could kill him/her. Do what's BEST for your bird, not you.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 04, 2012
Cold weather
by: Ange

Hi, I have an African grey, he comes everywhere with me. All year round. So I'm sure your parrot will be ok.

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