cold/virus from humans?

by Margaret

Can my Meyers parrot catch a cold or virus from the humans he is in contact with?

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Aug 23, 2010
cold/virus from humans?
by: Linda

Yes, birds will catch cold/flu virus from humans, they can also catch any other bacterial/viral infections humans happen to have as well. Birds have only gram positive bacteria in their bodies while we and other animals have gram negative bacteria. Sometimes, just breathing on a bird will make them sick. If you or another family member is sick, be sure to cough and sneeze into tissues that are then put in the trash. Wash your hands often and wear a disposable mask when feeding, watering and cleaning a bird's cage.

Keep birds out of your face when you are sick as they will not only catch whatever you have, but they will become much sicker quicker than you do. If you see any signs of illness in your bird like a discharge from nostrils or mouth or watery stools, lack of energy, coughing, heavy breathing, or lack of appetite, immediately take your bird to an Avian Vet to be diagnosed and treated. Birds do not "get over" infections like humans do, and they become sicker and sicker until they stop eating and die.

Please do not forget to use disposable masks when feeding, watering and cleaning your bird's cage as this will go a long way in helping to keep him well when you are sick.

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