color dulls

by adhav

i am having two Indian ring neck which is of 4 months old its color ids too dull instead of dark green kindly help me how to increase the color intensity

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Feb 17, 2014
color dulls
by: linda

Your birds are still very young and may not have all their adult feathers in yet. Quality of food is very important, and they need to be eating an organic pelleted diet like Harrisons found here. If you cannot get Harrisons into your country, then read about the food here or at and then try and find similar food in your country. Light also has a lot to do with feather color, and birds need exposure to full spectrum light at least several hours a day. DO NOT put birds in the sun and DO use full spectrum light bulbs. There is a section here for full spectrum lighting. The bulbs found in home improvement store are NOT full spectrum but just simulating daylite, so make sure you are getting full spectrum lighting.

Below is an article written by avian vet on how to go about changing from seeds to pellets, and no changes can be made until birds have been examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

The reason for a visit to avian vet is sick birds or those with infections not showing yet cannot be put through the stress of dietary or other types of changes.This visit needs to be done anyway to rule out illness as cause of dull feathers.Take birds to ONLY an Avian Vet as dog and cat vets do not know the first thing about birds and will hurt them instead of help them.


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