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Oct 13, 2010
pet store
by: Laura

The only one colorblind is the pet store owner. Maybe I've read the wrong books about birds, but I thought they could all see color. I need to open a pet store.

Oct 13, 2010
colorblind cockatiel
by: Linda

All birds see in full color and they see the full spectrum of color and then some. Please inform the pet store person that they are giving out the WRONG information and need to do some study on parrots BEFORE they hand out incorrect advice to people wanting parrots for pets.

This kind of thing is why we ask all of you to never listen to a pet store person handing out advice. Lots of times, the advice is bad and sometimes can be the reason a bird dies. Unless a person knows with certainty what they are talking about, it is best to keep the mouth shut and zipped.

Thanks for writing,

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