comparison between ringneck and alexandrine

by mumtaz

which among indian ringneck and alexandrine is better as far as cuddling and talking is concerned. which one bonds better?

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May 18, 2012
Ringneck Vs Alexandrine Parrots
by: AZ

The Alexandrine Parrots are larger in size about 21-23 inches. IRN is about 16 inches in size. Bigger beaks and longer wing span.

Alexandrine is a very good pet. It is very energetic, engaging in lots of activities. It accepts many types of foods whereas Indian Redneck eats limited fruits and foods. Alexandrine requires a larger cage than Indian Redneck as it is not only bigger; it likes to engage in a lot more activities than Indian Redneck. Alexandrine prove to be much better talkers than Indian Redneck, and have a longer lifespan also.

Alexandrine parrots speak with more clarity. Although in my experience, an IRN can speak with clarity as well, but has to be worked with.

I found a Youtube video that shows the comparison in size.

I hope this helps you to find the right breed for you.

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