compatibilaty with GC conure?

What birds are compatable with a green cheeked conure?

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Aug 03, 2012
The Odd Couple??!!
by: Cory RR

My very tame and friendly Green Cheek Cinnamon conure female has a male pacific green as a cage buddy. it's just the two of them. The conure has size going for her and she can bite if she needs to. The Parrotlett is quite untame but the female conure seems to be able to handle him. They hang out on the same perch, eat from a dish at the same time (note that there are multiple food and water dishes in their cage). At night in one corner of the cage is a "cozy corner fuzzy thing and I also used a new lambwool carwash mit (makes a great cozy nook also) and there in this wold of softness is my conure female and sleeping on her head with the cozy corner folded over her somewhat is Ernie. Camilla the Cinnamon Conure and Ernie the Parrotlett from hell are the weirdest combination of birds of which I have heard. If anyone can top that story, I'd like to hear it. it's like this gigantic fat woman and her tiny little husband who is literally maybe one third of her size somehow making it work. I think Ernie is a "chub-chaser" :)

Jul 22, 2012
GC Conure companion
by: Anonymous

Perhaps another green cheek would be a suitable companion. You wouldn't want a parakeet or an Amazon to be your birds' friend. It is very difficult to get a companion for a bird that wasn't raised with it. You would have to keep them in separate cages and know if they were male or female. In the bird world, there is always a dominant one that will intimidate and pick on the others. I have often thought of getting another bird myself but I know my bird would either beat the crap out of it or die of a broken heart because I was paying attention to another bird. Also remember having more birds than one means twice the noise, twice the work and twice the vet bills.

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