Concerned New Bird Owner

by Amy

Yesterday my husband and I have just brought home our 6 month old quaker named skittles. What a great animal. My husband has been wanting one for years now. I had a few questions and hope someone out there can help me. Is it normal for Skittles to fluff his feathers alot? Also, Skittles has been sneezing, does that mean my little bird is sick? What temp should your house be at? Thanks for helping..

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Jul 24, 2008
Fluffy bird
by: Tracie

I am so sorry this has not been answered. I thought I answered this a long time ago and just realized it is still unanswered.

If the bird stays fluffed up all the time, then it is probably very sick and needs a vet quick. It could be cold too, but you would be cold too, so I doubt that is a problem. Otherwise, birds fluff up when they are content all the time.

Sneezing often is another thing for an avian vet to check. It is always good to take your bird to the vet when you get him for a check up. If I were you I would find a good Avain Vet and take him in for a visit.

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