confirming sex of my alexandrine aprrot baby of 5 months.

by Rohan

At what age approx can one understand the sex of an Alexandrine parrot baby?

Apart from DNA testing is there any other method to confirm the sex of this bird at the early age,even I am aware that at a certain age a male gets a ring which a feamle doesnt?

Can I take a risk of putting my Alex male along with my friend's Indian ringneck femaale in the same breeding box?

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May 04, 2018
My baby parrot male or female.. Pls help
by: Anonymous

I have an alexander baby parrot..i think its 3 months agO.. How i knw it male or female

Mar 10, 2018
My Alexander parrot confirming sex in 4month
by: Budheswar patel

My Alexander parrot confirm sex in 4 months

Jul 09, 2017
Help guys
by: Anonymous

Plz Guys help me to find the gender of my alx paroot plzz reply me

Jul 08, 2017
Gender problem
by: Anonymous

Hey! I have a alx but its just of 8 month and have no ring so how can i find his sex ?? Plzz replay cauz i want to make a pair of them so plzzz plzz answer me 🙏🙏🙏

Jun 15, 2017
my female alexandrine aprrot

4 months ago I bought a new female alex. At that time I was very confused about my parrot. But their are some methods to identify the sex of parrots.

Jun 03, 2017
New to forum
by: Amit Madan

Hi all,
I recently got a baby Alex age must be around 4 months and eats from hand.
I already have a full grown male Alex for last 8 months and and his age is may be 2/3 years.
I got male Alex and he was tamed and didn't know how to fly as his feathers will clipped however today after training, he flies and goes out around the trees nearby and comes back home on his own. He goes for a good round every few hours across our condo and sits around trees and pluck leaves and comes back. Sleeps with me in my bed room.

I noticed that his body language has become more of a confident and up tight and his valor is worth watching ever since he started flying in the sky and coming back. So basically from caged and clipped to an independent parrot which I always wanted it to be like that.
My worry is this new 4 months baby Alex calls for me him when he hears him speaking in his own language however my old male rather than caressing him he puts his beak in his beak and tries to bite him there.
Poor baby Alex sees him as a parent opens his mouth to get feeding from him however old Alex takes him as a territorial challenge and tries bite him.
What do I do.
I don't know if new baby Alex is male or female. I just see slightly grey very little dark feathers around the bottom of the beak. Is it the black ring which is appearing and hence being a male.
How do I handle this situation of one being dominant of the house and me for 8 months and now sees my attention towards the baby Alex.
Please breeders or similar experiences are welcome to bring up the bond in new baby and old alex

Mar 01, 2017
Other way to find theiron gender
by: Farhan

Is there any other ways to find the gender......
In a esystem and simple way 😯 because my both parrot's have white nostrils...........

Jun 21, 2016
breeding IRN
by: Anonymous

I got 1 pair of IRN green parrots....but they are from same female mother.. So my question is will they breed or not??
They are together from their birth....plz reply me

Editor's note: No, do not breed siblings.

Apr 25, 2016
Parrot speak or not
by: Prateek

My comment only for mehak ........ Parrot speak only small age's starting hearing n learning in small age or after 1 month baby ...and if ur two Parrot live together it's means there is 10% possibility they speak .....mostly two Parrot never speak together....

Sep 12, 2015
difference between male & female Indian parrot and Talking habbits
by: Bishwajit Sutradhar

The Difference between Male and female is the the male have big broad head and red beak on the other hand female have small head and a narrow little beak.If you have two parrot they cannot talk to you because they can talk theirself.

May 03, 2015
difference between male and female Alexandrine parrot
by: Mahak

I have both male and female alexendrine parrots..i have seen difference in both.the one who is male have broad head and the female one do have a narrower head.even though male has developed a black line around his neck but the female hasn't. so thats the main difference between them.nowadays i am facing problem how to teach them to speak..if possible i want help..

Apr 01, 2013
male female gender
by: meenakshi

we can knw the gender of alexender parrot by measuring thei skull.male has broad and big head skull as comparitive to female.Female has small and narrow skull.We can knw by one more trick,male nostrils are white in color,but female nostrils are pink/voilet in color.We can judge the gender by the shape n size of beak,male has big broad beak but female has lil bit slim n short beak.After 6 months a black ring start to form on the neck area of male.

Nov 08, 2011
confirming sex of my alexandrine aprrot baby of 5 months.
by: Linda

If the people you spoke with have much experience with the Alexandrines, then they may be correct in that the 5 month old baby is a male. I do not hve such experience with this type of bird, so do not know.

As for breeding Alexandrine with the Ringneck, I do not think this is a good match. The reason for this is the babies from this breeding will be hybrids, and hybrid breeding is not recommended because of genetics. You may wish to do some research on Hybrid birds because what happens in this type of breeding is a number of "recessive" genes can come together from both birds of different types and produce babies with many weaknesses in their genetic makeup. Simplified, this means babies can have physical and/or mental problems which will probably not show up until later. It can also result in deformed babies as well. So, even if the babies look normal at birth, they may be carrying very damaged genetic material that can be passed onto their young. In other words, keep to what nature intended when breeding birds, and you'll be okay. Never breed birds that are closely related as this will result in many physical and mental abnormalities and is called in-breeding. Each generation of inbred birds or hybrids grows weaker than the last. To have strong birds for the future, breed same to same making sure they are not related as in brothers/sisters, mothers/sons, fathers/daughters or even cousins.

The object of breeding birds is to keep the gene pool clean and pure so we can have them in their natural forms for later on. Whether we are ever able to introduce birds back into the wild or not, we are the keepers of their genetic material when they are bred in captivity. This is a responsibility, and it is recommended that we breed Alexandrine to Alexandrine and Ringneck to Ringneck.

Here is a link to some articles on breeding hybrids and other types of breeding that will help to explain what I cannot here. You'll see that my recommendation is sound and that you need to not breed these different types of birds for many reasons.

Thanks for writing, and keep the ringnecks and Alexandrine's separate as for breeding.


Nov 08, 2011
thanx linda
by: Anonymous

hey Linda no the bird about whom am talking to put in the aviary with my friend's indian ringneck female is not my 5 months old alex but my 3 years old alex.he is now fully matured and always tries to go near her to which since 2 months shez only showing aggression towards his there any trick or way by which a male and female will get bonded they eat from same plate drink from same bowl but when he approaches her only that time she gets to bite or growl at him...please help me..otherwise my 3 years old alex and my freind's 5 years old india ringneck female are very good friends.

other thing is here in india the local breeders say that the male chick has a big round head his tail is long he has dark red beak and the maroon shoulder patch is dark and all this compared to female is small and light........when i selected my baby from a box there were 5-6 more in that and he said this baby is the only 1 with all the above features so take it it has to be a male and will start getting it's ring around 1 1/2 that true?????

last thing if at all my alex and irn gets mated is it safe for 2 different breeds of parrots to mate and how will be the results?

Nov 05, 2011
confirming sex of my alexandrine aprrot baby of 5 months.
by: Linda

5 months old is way too young to even be considering breeding. Your bird has to be at least a year or better before this could take place. Do not put this bird in with another bird of any kind and when it is old enough to breed, you have to introduce mates slowly. Quickest way to have dead birds is to shove a strange bird in with aother strange bird. You need to do a lot of study before considering breeding.

The only way to sex a bird this young is DNA testing by an Avian Vet and a lab that does this.


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