Confused about bird sitting on eggs

by Juanita

A breeder mentioned that you should always throw out broken eggs because the bird could die if they eat the insides. She also says that when my bird that doesn't have a mate lays eggs, to throw them out right away for the same reason. Others say I should let my bird sit on her eggs until she isn't interested. What do you suggest?

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Jan 08, 2011
No danger if bird eats broken egg
by: The Avian Vet

First, eating the inside of the egg will not kill a bird. That is ridiculous.

Second, it is true that a single female (no mate) can lay an egg. Of course it will not be fertile and hatch. If you have a single female that lays eggs, you should not take the egg away if she is sitting on the egg. If you take away the egg, she will just lay more and she will keep replacing the egg you remove indefinitely.

If you leave the egg in, she will sit on it, and then tire of the project when it does not hatch. Typically it takes about 30 days before they decide it is not going to hatch and give up. It is vital that if you have an egg laying bird that you feed her a pellet diet, like Harrison's, to prevent life-threatening nutrient deficiencies.

Dr B

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