confused about what bird to get for family

by Debbie
(Palm Springs, CA)

Hi, love your website. We are ready to buy a bird. We've owned parakeets and a cockatiel many years ago. My boys are 17, 15 and 9. They want an interactive bird that's fun and cuddly and maybe will whistle toons or talk if we can train it. I don't want a VERY loud, screaming type of bird. We are all a bit nervous of some of the 'biting' reports we hear of certain types we're interested in.

We're leaning to cockatiels again. Will it be engaging and entertaining enough though?
The other choice is a parrotlet. But we have a small dog and not sure how the bird will be with her, plus the biting. But I'm interested.

The pet shop tried to tell me about the green cheeked conure, but I keep hearing how loud they are and their biting too.

What do you think?


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Apr 18, 2009
Best bird for family
by: Tracie

These questions are always so hard to answer! LOL

You see, the problem with trying to find a bird that is quiet, fun, cuddly, talks and all the things people want in a bird is like trying to find the perfect 2 year old that is potty trained, doesn't fuss much, make messes and communicates well. It isn't going to happen very often!

Green Cheeks are often nippy and can be very loud when they want attention or don't like what is going on around them. Our GC's could be heard through many closed doors at the opposite end of a 2,000+ sq ft house. They screamed often throughout the day even though I was in the same room with them, facing them a few feet away all day long.

Usually the quiet birds are the birds that do not learn to talk and are considered boring. We have a hand fed, hand tame Rosey Bourke's that doesn't bite, loves to be with us and learns whistles easily. This bird will never learn to talk, but we don't care about that.

The bird I suggest, if you can find one in your area, would be the Lineolated Parakeet. They look a lot like budgies, but a hand fed and tame Linny will likely stay tame even if it is not held every day. They can learn to say a few words also. People love them and they come in pretty colors too.

Honestly though, I love the conures and cockatiels too. I just hesitate to suggest anyone get them if they really want a quiet bird.

I am afraid I have not been helpful and just added to your confusion. I hope you find the perfect bird for your family soon. :-)

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