Confusing love/behavior.

by Maggie

I have two budgies(male and female) and they are really confusing with their love. When I first got the two I got them used to standing on my finger but they are still scared of me. They eat from my hand, let me pet them, but they still don't trust me and I have had them for about 2 months already. This is very confusing and I wonder if I can reverse it to make them love me.

Sometimes I play with the birds a little bit then go to another room. They start singing. Then all of a sudden, When I come back, they stop. Does the chirping mean they are happy i'm gone are sad?

Which brings me to their singing. For some reason they never sing at our house. Maybe like once a day, but one time we took them to our friends house for a night because we went out of towns and they said they were chirping like crazy. Are the budgies scared or what?

Also, my budgies are reallllllyyyyy picky. I tried to get them used to pellets but they just starved them selves. What should I do?

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Oct 10, 2011
Confusing love/behavior.
by: Linda

There is a method for getting your birds to eat organic, high quality pellets, and there is link to article written by an Avian Vet below. Try again using these instructions because it's extremely important for your birds to eat a healthy diet so they can be healthy. All seed diets are very unhealthy and will cause all parrots to die way earlier than they should and to be sick a lot inbetween. So, changing them over to pellets is the best thing you can do for them. it takes time to do it, and never, ever starve your birds as this is very dangerous. Follow instructions and they will go along with program in time. Feed only organic pellets like those found here. Zupreem and Lafaebers are junk food and full of chemicals, so only feed the organic types found here.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Two months is not very long to have a bird. Their trust is earned not freely given and sometimes being more vocal means they are very afraid like when they had to stay somewhere else while you were gone.

Keep cleaning their cage, making sure food and water is always fresh and clean and loving them. They will come around to you and already have it sounds like. Birds are birds and will not be like other pets like cats or dogs. They are birds and are basically exotic wild animals, so that is who and what they are. They will never do everything you want them to do, so relax and enjoy them for the beautiful creatures they are and stop worrying about what they are NOT.


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