Congo African Grey age to buy

by Sabarish
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

i want to buy a congo african grey parrot at small age and want to train to do some tricks and make the parrot to mimic some words and conduct a grand parrot show in my state.

for that i want to know in what age i must buy the parrot. if i buy a parrot of 5 months age whether my needs are possible?

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Feb 09, 2012
Purchasing an African grey parrot
by: Tracie

It would be best to purchase your bird about 2 weeks after it has been fully weaned, just because some birds revert back to needing to be hand fed if they move to a new home too soon.

You should make sure the breeder has taken the bird to an avian vet, to insure it is healthy. If the breeder does not do this, then please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird.

Feb 09, 2012
Reply to Linda Mam
by: Sabarish

Dear Linda Mam,

i understood ur point. actually i own an alexandraine parakeet in my home. i bought it by jan 2010 and till last month i was having that parrot. when i bought the parakeet it was in two month of age. i spent a lot with her and trained her with some tricks and made her to talk some four words. also did some shows with her. but the problem was, here in india, tamilnadu we are not suppose to have that breed in house. we will be punished according to our law. so i handed over her to government park. now i need to buy a grey parrot and spend time, train her some tricks and talk. i have done all types of research for nearly 3 years on parrots. only one thing i dont know. what late age will be correct for me to buy grey parrot to do these.

Feb 09, 2012
Congo African Grey age to buy
by: Linda

First of all you need to learn as much about the Greys as you can from others on the internet and from books you get. Your bird needs to be made to be healthy, and this is done feeding organic pellets that supply high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. Your bird will need to be examined by an AVIAN VET ONLY during the first few days it is in your home. Find an Avian Vet Make no dietary changes and do NO training until this exam has been done because a sick bird does not learn and can die from the stress of training.

Unless you have a lot of experience handling the larger parrots, you will need to work with your bird for no more than 10-15 minutes a couple times a day to learn new things. Whether your bird talks or not will be up to the bird regardless of age. Gryes are usually good talkers, and some do not like to talk, so your bird may or may not like to talk. There are no guarantees with parrots what they will like or not like.

So, you are NOT ready to get a bird of any kind until you understand more about parrot behavior and all their needs. Parrots are living creatures who are also exotic wild animals, and it takes them a while to trust new people and trust is earned not freely given. Your bird is not a toy to wind up and entertain your friends with, so be very careful about what you are doing here.

If your motivation is to entertain yourself and others with your bird, and you know nothing about parrots, then I suggest you not get any living creature. Animals and birds have to be trained by people who have spent a lot of time with them and understand all about them. If you have no experience with the larger parrots or no experience at all, you should not even consider getting a larger bird. Sorry to burst your bubble, and you need to know that birds are not easily trained especially by people who are expecting too much from them.

Do not get a bird until you understand who your bird is going to be and what he is not going to be. Birds do not do tricks on command, and in fact, they will do nothing unless they are having fun in the learning and doing. They learn at different rates and talk if and when they want to. There is nothing you can do to MAKE them do anything.


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