congo african grey aggressive

by christineturner

my grey has just started to be aggressive towards me he never used to be but he is always ruffling his feathers and sometimes try to bite me he always comes out of his cage but now we cant let him out cos he realy tries to bite and makes strange noises what the matter with him is he sick he is 7mths old

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Jul 13, 2010
congo african grey aggressive
by: Linda

Yes, he is most likely sick or injured. When birds feel pain or discomfort, they can become aggressive, and it sounds like you need to take him to an Avian Vet immediately. Do not take him to a regular dog and cat vet as they are NOT licensed or trained in bird care and will make matters worse. There is a link on this site for help to Find an Avian Vet if you don't know where one is in your driving area. I say driving area, because it may be a bit of a trip depending on how many Avian Vets you have there.

Locking him in his cage is very bad for him, and so get an appointment and get him to Avian vet as soon as you can get the appointment. He needs to travel in a carrier or travel cage, and you'll need to use a towel to handle him into the carrier. When towel is over him, grasp both sides of his jaws, behind his head, to keep him from biting while supporting his neck and the rest of his body. The grasp is firm, but not so hard that you hurt the bird. If this is your first time handling an angry parrot, please do not pull away if you are bitten as the bird will hold on harder, and you will get ripped by pulling away. Gently move INTO THE BIRD which usually makes them let go, and then you can try toweling him again. DO NOT WASTE TOO MUCH TIME WITH THIS BECAUSE IT IS STRESSFUL FOR THE BIRD, AND IF HE IS ALREADY SICK, TOO MUCH STRESS CAN KILL HIM. So, move quickly and handle your bird carefully so as to not hurt him. Birds bones break easily, so no rough stuff or you can kill your bird or injure him so badly he dies later.

If your Avian Vet is close, you may wish to have them make a house call if you are not comfortable handling bird. You WILL NEED TO LEARN TO HANDLE YOUR BIRD, and the vet may come out and show you how to do it safely for you and bird. Any bird can, at anytime, become aggressive and needs careful handling, so you must learn the art of bird handling.

Let us know what vet finds, and do not give bird any over the counter meds, ever. Also, do not use any home remedies other people recommend because unless a bird has been properly diagnosed, there is NO WAY TO TREAT IT with anything. Stay away from meds found at pet stores because, here again, unless bird has been diagnosed by an Avian Vet, you are harming your bird, not helping.

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