Congo African Grey

by Ginger
(Victorville CA. San Bernardino)

I have had my African Grey for a few months now. My question is, in the winter months am I suppose to get her a bed to sleep in that keeps her warm? We do not sleep with the heater on. I do not want her to get sick.

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Jul 23, 2009
cat igloo for african grey
by: marthie

Anni is 8 yrs old, and has sleot in a cat igloo with blanket covering since we got her (12weeks) She loves her bed, which is placed on a shelf in a wardrobe.
Nice thing about this is, her bed goes on holiday with us, so wherever she sleeps, it is in a familiar place... great for peace of mind I think,

Feb 07, 2009
warm birdie
by: joe

I have had a grey for about eight years now and I always try to keep the room 70 or warmer I imagine 68 would be fine also. I always keep there cages covered back and sides only. They are just like us they dont like to be cold. Observe when your bird is sleeping or napping and if it shivers(and they will) its to cold simple. I had bought her one of those little tents but she didnt care for it to much. Keeping your bird cool in the summer is just as important as keeping it cozy in the winter.

Sep 18, 2008
Bed for African Grey
by: Tracie

I disagree with the other comments here. My mother's African Grey loves his bed! He doesn't go there to keep warm he goes there because he likes sleeping in the tent.

Also, many breeders keep their birds in outdoor aviaries, the cold air is not so much a problem it is a sudden change in temperature that causes problems. Drafts will cause even more problems.

I think for the comfort of your bird, you could provide a nice bird tent, keep drafts out of the cage and cover the top 1/3 of the cage at night.

I would not cover the cage totally unless the bird is used to that. It would be like someone deciding to board up your windows at night to keep you warm. It might keep you warm, but freak you out too.

Our house gets cold in the winter also and our small birds do not even seem to notice the cold. They have down feathers that work like a down comforter does for us.

Sep 18, 2008
African grey
by: Lori

There are some great ways to keep your bird warm. Avitech is a web site that sells heat panels. We have them for all 3 of our birds (african grey, sun conure and cockateil) and they love them. At first my sun conure tried to chew on the cord so be careful. Be sure to purchase the temp control to go with it so it so the cage doesn't get to hot if its covered. We also have heated perches which can be purchased on the internet. I think mine came from Fosters but I've seen them several places. Always cover him at night.

Sep 17, 2008
Congo African Grey
by: Kralice4u

No you do not necessarily have to buy a bed for your bird, but it would be nice to leave the heat on so he can be comfortable.

Sep 17, 2008
African Grey sleep
by: Lewis

African Greys do not sleep in a bed. You need to keep your house warm. The bird cannot control his body temperature. We keep our house 86 F in the winter for our Smokey. It is cheaper to keep the house warmer then pay vet bills.


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