Constant Bobbinh of the head

by Ody
(Miami, FL)

Hello. I have had my African Quaker for about 2 months. It’s still a "baby" practically and I give it the formula for baby birds with a syringe twice a day and every time she eats, its 2 syringe’s that she eats. Lately, she bobs her head up and down and fluffs up and gets really low in her cage and flaps her wings (not as if she were to fly). It’s like if she was having epilepsy or something. What should I do? How long should I still feed her with the syringe? Please help. Thanks

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Oct 30, 2012
baby bird
by: chaydel

...acting like a baby bird and wanting attention from you, perhaps asking for more food, or too be simply rubbed on her head. This would be my experienced guess.

Hold her, cupped in your warm hands, offer her a little liquid, or soft food.

Was she old enough to be separated from care giver?

She is bonding with you. Learn her body language. They grow up ever so fast. ch

Oct 29, 2012
Baby bird bobbing head
by: Tracie

Dr B has not been answering questions the past few weeks, he may be out of town. Linda, an experienced breeder that is faithful to answer questions that are posted on this site, will hopefully see your question and help you with this issue.

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