Constipated Budgie

Picture of bald spot around anus

Picture of bald spot around anus

Hello, I have 2 budgies, one female and one male but it seems like my male budgie is constipated. I noticed he isn't pooping as much and when he does, its hard and black.He seems to be straining. The poop was stuck to him for a couple of days and now that it has finally fallen off, there is a bald spot around the anus where the poop was.

For the last month, I've been giving them seeds, cooked brown rice with brocolli,cauliflower and corn puree. I would mix some molting and conditioning seeds with the rice & veggie mixture and they love it. I also give them treat sticks. What can I give him to regulate his droppings to be normal again? Is the bald spot any cause for concern?

Thanks, Cathy

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Dec 03, 2016
re: Constipated Budgie
by: Anonymous

Budgies need raw green. Hang raw parsley off the purch (a hair clip works great) as well as put in celery (organic celery best) just push through bars and it will stay there. This helps them get more water too. Raw corn is best too. cut chunks off cob so they have to tear it off with their beaks.

Also,never, never feed cooked human food. This glues up their gizzard making digestion very difficult. Never feed wild birds bread either.

You didn't mention how much exercise your bird is getting either. needs room to fly as well as places to walk around. In a larger cage you can put in small blocks of wood with the bark still on them.

If possible, find bird seed that has no artificial coloring in it either.

Apr 16, 2010
budgie with poo around bottom
by: Anonymous

I have a 10 year old budgie called "Homer" :) , he lives in an aviary with 5 other males , in last few days ive noticed hes got poo around his bottom and is going but in strings . They are fed sed (trill) and some of the pellets ive foundn it hard to get them off the seed. They also get grass. What could this be? Any treatment options? , if it doesnt clear up i will be taking him to our avian vet to get him looked at .
Thank you

Jun 22, 2009
Sick Budgie
by: The Vet

Your bird is sick and needs to see an avian veterinarian. This is usually caused but a bacterial infection, but other things can cause it as well.

The bald spot is a concern and will be addressed when you veterinarian give him the exam.

Dr B

Jun 21, 2009
Bad Food
by: Linda

Cathy, I hate to tell you but the Broccoli and Cauliflower are not recommended for birds or dogs either. You are feeding too rich foods, and your birds are suffering for it.

Instead of all the rich foods, get them started on organic pellets made by Harrison's. There is a period of time for the changeover from seed to pellets, and it varies with each individual bird. You can also get the Birdy Bread Mix that Harrisons makes, and use the Organic Red Palm Oil Tracie sells out here to go with it. For the two eggs it calls for, use the egg whites only. For now, remove everything from their diets except their seed mix and clean water.

Your male budgie needs an immediate trip to the Avian Vet. He will need medical intervention to get back on course.

Do NOT feed anymore veggies, rice and high powered powdered foods. Put seeds in the dishes and clean water in their bowls until he has seen the vet. The female may also be in distress, so it would be good to take both of them at the same time.

I know you have heard the phrase "killing with kindness", and that is what you are doing with your birds. Birds are simple creatures and need to eat simple foods. When you don't know if a veggie is good for them or not, please ask before you feed them. I'm not being mean, I am ONLY here to help you and your birds.

So, to recap, please make an appointment with your Avian Vet for both birds ASAP. Tell them what you have been feeding, and they will take it from there. Also, please consider changing them over to an organic pelleted diet. The all seed diet is lacking in a lot of nutrients. For now, do EXACTLY what your vet tells you do do which will, most likely, be feeding them a bland seed mix. Vet will probably give you something for the male to help with his problem as well. If he keeps straining, he will rupture himself, and then this becomes a life-threatening situation. It is almost there already, so please don't delay the vet trip.

Let us know what vet said and how you are doing.

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