by Angel Ramsey
(Austin, TX)

How can I tell if my baby cockatiel is constipated? They are all around 2 weeks of age and seem to be pooping quite a bit. Only one seems to be acting like he's "straining". I've inspected his abdomen, and vent. There doesn't appear to be any "masses" or dried poop on the outside of the vent. I'm trying to keep an eye on him to ensure that he is pooping and not just the others. Whatever information you can give me will be helpful!

Angel Ramsey

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Oct 15, 2010
Bird possibly constipated
by: The Avian Vet

You need to take him in to be examined by an avian veterinarian. I cannot diagnose this without seeing him. Straining is abnormal and can be caused by many things. Are the parents feeding or are you hand feeding? What are the babies being fed? What is the temperature and humidity they are being kept at? All of these factors are important.

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Dr B

Oct 13, 2010
by: Linda

You did not say whether the mother is feeding the babies or you are. If the mother is feeding, and she is eating a high quality organic pelleted diet, then the babies are most likely doing what they should do. If you are feeding, then make sure you are feeding a high quality baby parrot handfeeding formula and that it is not too thick. At two weeks, they need a thinner formula which can be thicker as they grow.

If your birds are not eating healthy organic pellets, then make sure mother is getting enough water and possibly some organic dark green Romaine lettuce for treats every once in a while.

Once babies are weaned, please start changing all of them over to organic pellets which can be found here. Wean the babies onto these pellets, and they will have been started off properly in life. All seed diets are full of fats and have very little quality proteins, vitamins or minerals. They eventually kill birds because of the lack of nutrition plus birds have more physical problems during their shorter lives.

Your babies should also be seen by an Avian Vet very soon because it is not unusual for baby birds to develop infections during this time. Each bird should be weighed every day, weight noted, and if any have not gained weight, then this points directly to infection.


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