Conure acting weird...already been to the vet once.

by Deepa
(San Francisco, ca)

Hello! My name is Deepa, and I have a green cheeked conure named Raja. I got him a couple months ago and I believe he is 6 years old. He started sneezing a couple weeks ago, and so I took him to a local vet. The vet said sneezing was a BAD sign..and so he gave him some sort of antibiotics and told me that it would cure whatever he might have. I finished his antibiotics 4 days ago but Raja is still sneezing!!

1) He eats normally
2) drinks normally
3) no fluid coming out of his nares
4) maybe some behavior issues last week with new people
5) sheds continuously (white dandruff looking stuff)
5) seems like he is itching constantly
6) grinds his beaks
7) sometimes he sits and opens his mouth and continuously moves his tongue up and down
8) seems pretty active...he kinda just sits there...but he has always kinda just sat there.
9) His chirping MAY have decreased but about the same

Since the vet said sneezing was a "BAD" sign, my primary concern is his sneezing.

Help please. :(
Thank you so much!

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Jan 25, 2010
sounds like an infection
by: Anonymous

It sounds like he could have an infection in his mouth. My conure was doing the same thing and not eating He lost weight and I didnt know he wasnt eating. You MUST take him to an avian vet. I currently have my conure on antibiotics and I am feeding him with a syringe until he is able to eat n his own. Check to see if your bird has lost weight.

Oct 23, 2008
Conure Sneezing
by: The Vet

You need to get a second opinion. In cases that I have see like this I have found problems other than or in addition to bacterial infection. For example, I have found foreign bodies such as seed hulls and feather particles lodged in the sinuses and nares. Also, fungal infections are very common in parrots. You need to see an avian veterinarian that can investigate this fully and not just throw antibiotics at the problem.

This could be as simple as a bird that is molting and needs more frequent bathing, or maybe the environment has low humidity, but you should have some diagnostics done to rue out possible disease.

Does anyone smoke around your bird? What about other pollutants such as burning candles, or cooking, etc.

What does he eat? This could be vitamin A deficiency, too.

Dr B

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