conure agression & biting


I am having problems with aggressive behavior & biting with my 3 month old conure! she was really nice sweet & cuddly for about 3 weeks after we got her! Then she started bitiing! She wants to b out & with us! We want to have her out as much as we can but don't want to keep getting bit all the time!She doesn't play at all by herself when she is out, she always has to b on somebody! ( she plays fine when in her cage!) She just wants to crawl all over us! She doesn't even care which one of us & will go from one to the other! She doesn't prefer anyone over the other!

She will b very sweet & playful then all of a sudden start biting meanly & hard! We have tried gently holding the sides of the beak ( this only makes her mad & the biting worse!!), we have tried putting her in her cage for a few mins, we have tried laddering, rewarding her if she quits or doesn't bite, distracting her! Nothing seems to work!! (We have just switched to a pellet diet! So i think her diet is ok!) We have to end up putting her back in her cage! Then she runs back & forth wanting out! We get her out & she will start biting again! Help!! Any advice will b greatly appreciated!

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Apr 23, 2013
Conure chasing you
by: Tracie

If your bird is running after you and getting on your leg, that means your bird is allowed on the floor. This is not safe at all. Besides the danger of getting stepped on, anything you bring into the house from your shoes that is toxic is now accessible to her.

Birds should only be allowed free reign in a completely bird safe room that has nothing toxic in it at all.

It is normal for birds to only play with toys in their cage, but still keep toys for the bird on the play stand in case it decides to play there too.

Apr 23, 2013
conure biting
by: Becky

Thanks for that advice! Yep that is what we have been doing! Say "no bite" a couple times as a warning & if she doesn't stop she goes back in the cage! She will even say" no bite" back to us now! As she bites of course! Ha ha ha! We reward her if she stops biting or doesn't bite! Hopefully she will stop soon! She can really hurt!! We give her lots of love & patience & we don't yell! We only held her beak in the beginning because that is what they said on different sites to do!

So much conflicting advice on all the different sites! As a new conure owner it is hard to know which to follow! & we did a ton of research before we got Karma! We read everything we could find! It doesn't help I' m sure that she is the baby the last to wean & was babyied by not only the family but her sisters as well! It it normal for her to not want to play with anything outside the cage? All she wants to do is run & climb all over us! If we get up or leave the room she runs after us & jumps onto our leg! She Won' t stay by herself for a min!we even have a playground for her but she won't play on it ever Plays fine in her cage!

Apr 23, 2013
The BITING will stop with love and patience
by: Anonymous

I have a soon to be 2 year old Conure (Sun)female, don't worry it is a testing phase! Conures can go both ways especially when they want to be bossy, I let my Conure out when she is good and put her in the cage when she is bad, I don't hold her beak or yell. I always say NO BITING and put her RIGHT IN. When she is calm I let her out, I give her treats for good behavior. Your CONURE is young and with time it will pass and it will pick favorites, I am the favorite and my CONURE was only 3 months when we got her and she has gone through any phases. They are the best at the END! lol. Just remember you have an EXOTIC animal and it is an ART to get understand them and place rules in a way they understand.

Apr 22, 2013
Conure agression
by: Tracie

Yes, holding her beak will make her mad and if you cause any pain or startle/scare her she will also learn to not trust you.

Conures can get nippy and very bossy. My conures were sweet and loved me completely until they reached about 5 months I think. Then suddenly they bit me and attacked me if I tried to get near them.

Fortunately they loved and respected my husband, so he became the chosen one to teach the birds not to bite.

Please read the training articles at this Parrot Training page link and for sure read the one about the biting GC conure. That article explains how my husband trained our conures.

They seem to be especially nippy when they get excited or when people in the room are emotionally charged. It is best to return them to their cage or play stand if things in the bird room are full of excitement so they don't have to be corrected at all.

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