Conure Anger

by John

Hi there, My Green Cheek Conure Pete and I have been best buddies since our family got him around 3 years ago. He has become increasingly violent, however never with me. He respects/reveres me of all family members the most.

That is until one day. I think he got startled, and bit my finger very hard(it bled after). My first response to this bite was to shake my hand, and in this act, I accidentally hurt my feathered friend (nothing severe, but a beating is a beating). Ever since, I have become his enemy number 1! He will travel across the room to attack me. He viciously snares at me in his cage! Why is he doing this? Is there any way I can make things right between us again?

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Apr 20, 2012
Very good
by: Ty

These are great responses. My green cheek over the past week has been extremely aggressive toward me out of the blue. There may have been an instance to set off this behavior but I can't recall. Just one day she started biting hard enough to break the skin (which is very hard for a little Conure especially on calloused hands like mine).

Anyhow, it really depends on the bird apparently. I've tried positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement (firm "no", and returning her to the cage after a hard bite), and simply waiting it out to no effect. However, giving NO reaction to her biting and slightly pushing into the bite and/or petting her while she's biting seemed to do the trick. It took some pain tolerance to do but it really is helping.

The trick is to brace for the bite. Just assume she's going to do it and do your best to stay silent. Take confidence in the fact that pushing into the bite does less damage than being scared of it. It's true. She would immediately loosen up her bite and give up while slowly moving my hand toward her. Pulling away before only made her bite harder and multiple times.

Pain tolerance I feel is what most people struggle with the most like my girlfriend. Taking pain reliever a half hour before hand or even alcohol (you gotta do what you gotta do) should help dull the sting a little.

Thanks again.

Dec 14, 2009
Conure anger
by: John

Shaking a hand is a reflex to being bit. You can't deny never having done this. Thank you for your responses

Dec 09, 2009
Conure Anger
by: Linda


You will need to take your bird to an Avian vet in your driving area and have his Primary Wing feathers clipped. Just the long Primery ones, not any of the shorter feathers. This will allow him to gently go down instead of dropping like a rock. Once his wings are clipped, you will be ready to start over with him. Also have the vet check him out for infections or other physical problems that could be contributing to the behavior.

YOU WILL GET BIT AGAIN AND PROBABLY HARD. HERE IS HOW TO REACT, AND YOU MUST REACT THIS WAY EACH AND EVERY TIME. WHEN BIRD ATTACHES TO YOU IN THE BITE, MOVE GENTLY INTO the attack. What this means is for you to move your hand toward your bird instead of jerking back and/or shaking. What the jerking back or shaking does is make him hold on very, very hard to keep from falling. You will receive severe injuries from the reflexive jerking back or shaking behavior. I know it hurts, and it will hurt worse if you don't follow the above plan. What will happen is he will loosen his hold on you when you GENTLY move into the bite and the bird. HE WILL LET GO WHEN YOU MAKE THIS MOVE.

There are some training materials out there, and you may wish to look at the Parrot Training page on this site too. BE SURE TO TAKE HIM TO AVIAN VET FOR WING CLIP AND CHECKUP BEFORE YOU START THE TRAINING. If you remain CALM, COOL AND COLLECTED, your bird will find that biting you is just not as much fun as it used to be. When you shake them, you can seriously injure them. You will be working to get his trust back now, and I wish you good luck and God's Speed. It will take time, so make a commitment to your bird's health and well-being and begin to win him back. There are NO shortcuts in a case like this.

Thanks for writing,

Dec 09, 2009
Conure Anger
by: Anonymous

Why is he doing this? Well, you shook your hand as a response & hurt your conure. It doesn't matter that he wasn't hurt badly, it was enough to for him to become defensive towards you. You have also shown him that aggression is OK to use & he no longer trusts you. Why did you shake your hand??? That will bring bad consequences when it's done to even the most trusting bird.

You need to ignore all aggressive behaviour he's displaying & offer him treats & rewards when he's not being aggressive. Positive reinforcement works a lot faster for training.

You also need to do a lot of sucking up to him. You hurt him, obviously enough for him not to trust you now & it's up to you to gain his trust back. The sooner you do this the quicker he'll start to trust you again. Move slowly around him, don't do things like wave your hands around or in front of him. Offer a treat to him on the back of your hand & slowly walk towards him so he can see the treat.

Because of what's happened do expect a few more bites before he settles. Don't react to them in ANY way whatsoever.

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