Conure anxious and skittish after staying at vets for weekend

by Kim

We left our conure at his vets for the weekend. Normally they take him upstairs but since it was such a short stay he was placed downstairs.

Ever since we brought him home he is very skittish and jumpy. I am concerned about his behavior because he is usually not so skittish, he is screaming more than he normally does. He lost some weight while he was there and so far has not gained it back. Although he has only been home for five days now.

Any suggestions?


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May 22, 2009
by: Linda

What or who was in the downstairs area where he was kept? Was he around other birds or was he around barking dogs and crying cats, chemicals, etc? Look into the answers to questions. If he was around a lot of other birds, he may have become infected or if there was a lot of noise and confusion around him could be unsettled because of that. Weight loss is not normal for just a weekend at the vet. If you do not know answers to these questions, please talk with vet and/or staff about where he spent the weekend. If you have noticed any changes in his normal eating habits and/or stool, he needs to be examined by an Avian vet. First, see what information you can find out about where he was kept and what all was around him. If he has stayed upstairs before, what is up there and what good reason did they have for NOT putting him up there this time? "Just for a weekend" seems a little off.

If you have noticed changes in eating or stools, he may very well be sick. If he has become ill from just a weekend stay at the vet, then they should be willing to examine him and perform tests to rule in or out infections for free. If he was exposed to a lot of noise and confusion, my suggestion is to ask why he could not have been kept upstairs or why they think he is so nervous and unsettled. None of this is normal for such a short weekend stay.

I have boarded my two Amazons on many occasions in a birdsitter's home, and once, while we were painting, they had to stay for a month. They never missed a meal after they came home nor were they unduly upset. They were housed in a room with other parrots some of whom made quite a bit of noise plus small dogs in crates who barked some. What you are describing is NOT NORMAL behavior from such a short stay. Get to the bottom of this, and go about it in a quiet way with vet and staff at this facility. If you come on too strong, they will NOT tell you what happened over the weekend to upset him so much. I suggest you do some quiet investigation about this, and if it is at all possible, take him to another avian vet for a checkup to make sure he is not ill if they are not FULLY COOPERATIVE WITH YOU. Let us know what you can find out.


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