Conure attacking birds

by Taylor

I got a green cheeked conure a few months ago she is varry nice but a tad on the spoiled side that I'm trying to break her of. she is 2 years old and also looks as if something happened to her to with her previous owner. she is helthy though and has bin checked out at the vet.

The problem I'm having is her trying to attack every bird she see's. I have 2 cockateils and a dove and she will try to go bolting at them if she sees them in or out of there cages, if there out and walking she will try to bite there neck or toes so I cant have her out while others are out. I understand 2 is when they start to mature but I would like for her to get along with my other birds enough to sit next to them without trying to hurt them. the other birds do not do anything to her, do you no anything that could help her.

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Apr 28, 2011
Conure attacking birds
by: Linda

This is NOT a good situation. If her wings have not been clipped, then take her to avian vet and have the first 6 long primary flight feathers trimmed. These are the long feathers at the ends of each wing, and do not allow them to clip up any higher as this causes chronic pain.

When she tries to attack your other more peaceful birds, make sure you put her back in cage with a sharp NO to let her know this bahavior will not be tolerated. The Conure is more aggressive by nature than either the Cockies or Dove, and they will bully other birds.

I had a Ring-Necked parakeet some years' ago, and if any other bird got onto her cage, she'd go for their feet and toes to the point, I'd cover the top of her cage if any other bird was out. She was also aggressive to humans as well on occasion.

There are some training materials on the Parrot Training page, and you may want to look them over and see if you can find out more about handling this potentially dangerous situation.

The fact that your Conure is coming into sexual maturity also has a bearing on the behavior. Work with the Conure following some of the training guidelines you find here and other places on the internet. Also do a search on your bird type and find others who have them and people who breed them and see if they can offer you some guidance.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted on how this goes. Protect your Cockie and Dove above all else right now.


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