Conure behavior question

by Kirk

A green cheek conure was given to me last year and it had been neglected since the children it was bought for left home (17 years?). It seemed happy most of the year with a new big cage new toys and new kinds of food. It also enjoys the company of the African grey nearby. But suddenly now all it does is stay in it's furry Tube. If I get him out he acts happy eating, ringing bells, walking outside the cage on it's perch but suddenly always goes back to the tube. I replaced the tube once and put a nesting box wondering if it was some sort of nesting thing. I need advice on what to do. thanks.

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Apr 25, 2011
I Did take it to the vet
by: Kirk

The next day after writing that question my bird started making a strange horrible sound so I took it to an avian vet the next morning. After a checkup, the only thing wrong with my old bird is that IT is a SHE. I was told even an old bird can try nesting and it is likely the time of the year and I had been keeping the bird up later than I should. I was advised to start covering the cage 30min sooner each night. I had been putting my African grey in a sleeping cage but not my conure. I wish I had asked if that would be a good idea changing the cage while she has wants to nest. (the current cage is too heavy to move every day... And her current location is too noisy late at night).

Apr 25, 2011
Aging conure
by: Tracie

I would not suggest a nesting box, we never want to encourage breeding behavior, unless we are experienced breeders and for sure have healthy birds.

Your conure is an older bird, and may not have the energy to be as active as a younger bird. But, I would take the bird to an avian vet for a check up. Below are a couple of links. One is an article written by an avian vet on aging parrots and the other one is a link to help you find an avian vet.

Aging Parrots article

Find an Avian Vet

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