Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conure, Bela is the light of Debbi's life.

Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conure Bela

Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure Bela

Species of Bird: Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure
Name of Bird: Bela (pronounced "Bay-La")
Year hatched: 2006
A one person bird?: Yes
Is your bird cuddly?: Yes
Do you think your bird is loud?: No
Will your bird go to other people?: Yes

Bela is the light of my life and a true joy! She is my first Conure and I adore her. I spend every day with her and in the evening we, along with my other bird Sammi, a Hahn's Macaw, have Happy Hour together.

They get black cherry juice and I get something a little stronger! And, I fix them a plate of "goodies." It is a very enjoyable time for all of us!

Bela is a very quiet bird. She was a little "nippy" at first, but has improved considerably. She loves to "palm nest." And, it turns out that I am her favorite play gym! Oh well, I'm not complaining! I love her and couldn't imagine life without her! I will be training her and Sammi to wear flight suits soon so that I can take them places.


I have been watching the posts about the flight suit adventures. The birds acted like they were being killed at first and gave their owner grief! Now they are taking to the suits and enjoying the great outdoors.

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