Conure Bird Eye closed

by Anissa Cunningham
(Ventura, CA, United States)

The Conure bird's eye is open just a slit. Not sure if it's infected or the bird scratched the eye and is now trying to heal it by keeping it closed. Currently scratching at it and removing some of the feathers around it. How should we treat it?

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Oct 04, 2010
Conure with eye problem
by: Tracie

Ouch, I bet your bird hurts. Dr B can not help you with this, because he can not examine the bird in person. Your bird may just have something stuck in it's eye, but if you don't take your bird to an avian vet, it may develop an infection.

If your bird will take a bath, it may help if something is lodged in they eye. If they eye seems injured at all, you must get your bird to an avian vet so that your bird doesn't die from an infection.

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