Conure Biting after egg laying!!!

by Janice Campbell
(Seattle, WA)

Our 7 yr old Conure Ozzie ( we were told she was a he) laid 2 eggs for the first time last month. She rolled them to the bottom of her cage and they cracked.

She has been biting me ever since she laid the eggs. She has always been kind of feisty but we let it go because she had been abused before we received her. But this biting has gotten bad. She draws blood and she goes for your skin when nothing is provoking her. I will just be with her for her little nightly play and she will give a kind of mad noise and bite.

I don't know what to do!!! Help!! Other than this she is an awesome Conure. She talks more than any other Conure I have ever been around and she truly knows what she is saying!! She speaks pretty long sentences which surprised me. Anyway any help with the biting would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

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Feb 01, 2008
Conure biting
by: Win

Hi Janice,
Your little Ozzie is biting because she is protecting her eggs. Leave the eggs in the cage till she looses interest in them. Let her come out of her cage on her own. When she goes to bite tell her 'no bite' in a mean tone, not yelling at her.
I would also stick train. Use a perch to get her to step up. Here is a link. The stick training is at the bottom of the page.

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