Conure biting my jewelry and acrylic nails

by conuremom

Help. I have an 8 month old Conure who has started being nippy and really going after my jewelry and nails. Any suggestions?

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Oct 29, 2012
Conure biting my jewelry and acrylic nails
by: Linda

Hi, this is something that always comes up with parrots and rather than spending enormous time training bird not to do what it feels compelled to do, here is a way to handle this:

First of all lose the jewelry when working with your bird. This means put the necklaces, bracelets, earrings away while you are playing with your bird. Rings with large stones must also be removed because parrots can remove stone quickly if they want to. Parrots are attracted to shiny items, and this can cause some extremely bad situations. For instance, I used to wear the large hoop earrings back in the 70's, and had my Macaw step into one while she was on my shoulder one day. Needless, to say, I had to quickly go to the floor with bird before she tore earring out of my ear. After that, I no longer wore anything but the tiny studs. Another time, was about a customer wearing a barette in her hair. She took the liberty of getting too close to one of our parrots, and he decided he wanted her barette. We had to intervene as he was "taking" the shiny object and could have hurt her.

The thing about nails is that fingernail polish and remover are extremely toxic to birds. One or both can and do kill birds all the time. So, unless your acrylic nails are painted somewhere else like in a beauty shop, youll have to be somewhere outside of the house to do the nails. I also learned this long time ago and luckily I learned before I killed one of our birds.Living with parrots means we have to "give up" on some things to be able to keep them safe. It's just a part of having them and is not such a big deal really.

So, to recap, get rid of the jewelry when working with bird and do not paint nails in the same house as the bird.

Thanks for writing,

Oct 28, 2012
Nippy conure biting things
by: Tracie

This is something that you can train the bird not to do. It will likely take a lot of time and patience, but it can be done.

Please read the training articles at this Parrot Training page link for help in training your bird to have an alternate behavior.

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