Conure biting now

by Becca

My Green Cheek conure has been a very sweet bird but since i havent got to pay attention for 1 day because i was gone from 6 to 11 pm (He has plenty toys)he keeps biting my fingers hard and i keep putting him on the ground and he continues to run after me. I did get my nails done. Is he scared of my nails? How do i keep him from biting i have set him on the ground about 30 times this morning.

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Nov 19, 2012
Biting Conure
by: Miss M

Hi there
I am sorry that your Conure is biting. I have been through pretty much the same thing and have two possible solutions. With mine, it always works if I spend a little extra time with her after "one of those days" when I can't spend much time with her. However, in order to get her attention so that I can hold her without her biting, I have an old garden glove that is bright green. I have never had to touch her with it, but it gets her attention and she stops biting. I just let her see it, then put it in my pocket. It works like a charm for some reason. I hope this helps!

Nov 19, 2012
Biting conure
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your bird is mad at you for leaving him. Whenever we do anything different from the routine the bird is used to, they get upset. He will get over it. That doesn't mean you have to spend every moment of every day with your bird, they should get used to your coming and going. When you leave, try to put on the radio or TV to keep the bird company while you're gone (that's what I do for mine). If your fingernails are a different color than what you normally wear, that does freak the bird out somewhat. I always wear light polish like a French manicure and when I changed it to a dark burgundy, my bird would not come near me. Also, you said you put your bird on the floor; not a good idea. There could be germs on it from people's shoes, food crumbs and dirt, floor cleaner residue (birds do chew their feet sometimes) or the bird could be accidentally stepped on. My bird likes to hang out on the couch with me and one time I almost sat on her because she moved so fast. When your bird is outside the cage, you should have a little play gym on a table for him to run around on, not the floor.

Nov 19, 2012
Conure started biting
by: Tracie

First of all I would not ever put a bird on the floor, due to the possibility of being stepped on and the bird could chew or ingest something brought in on a shoe that is toxic. You could walk through poop from a diseased bird and bring it in too.

The bird could not like your nails or it could be something else. If the bird is just reaching around 6 months old it could be a hormonal change. My conures went from loving me to hating me around that time.

We have training articles and also a story about how my husband was able to help my conures stop biting me on our Parrot Training page that you might want to read.

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