conure biting

by Heather Giggey
( Bath Maine 04530)

In the past i have had nanday conure. I decided to get a new one at the pet shop i fell in love with him but he's really means he bites my other one never bite I'm wondering is There's any tips I could use on him to get him to stop biting

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Jul 29, 2015
Biting conure issue
by: Tracie

Conure personalities are like people personalities, none are exactly the same. I've found that hormones play a big role in how a bird acts too.

Our conures loved me most, I fed them and kept them in my office with me. I had them out with me every day. One day they decided I was the hated one in the house, and my husband was the favored one. They actually would go out of their way to attack me. This was at about 6 months of age.

I have some articles on parrot training, and one of them explains how my husband trained the birds to tolerate me instead of biting me, but they never "loved" me again.

Use this Parrot Training page link for help.

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