conure breeding question

by robin

I have two 2 year old female green cheeks in the same cage with two 8 month old green cheek males, Is it possible they could mate? I was hoping to wait for the males to get to a year old, but when I tried to put the females in a seperate cage- it stressed the males out too bad and I gave up. after the females was back inside with them, they was all happy and calm again, so I decided to leave them alone- they don't have nest boxes.
Will they be okay?

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Jun 22, 2011
Breeding conures
by: The Avian Vet

They are old enough to breed, but in my opinion it is too soon to give them a box. You should also determine which two are pairing, and put each pair in a separate cage.

Dr B

Jun 21, 2011
conure breeding question
by: Linda

You will need to separate the pairs and only have one pair of birds per breeding cage. The reason for this is unless you have a very huge outdoor flight with separate inside nesting facilities, the birds can and will interfere with each others' nests up to and including killing babies or breaking eggs.

Just take one female and one male and move to another cage you have previously set up. I would wait as long as possible before breeding anyway as it is a lot of work and responsibility for little money. The other problem with breeding birds is that the market is full of parrots who end up in neglectful/abusive homes because the market is so flooded with birds. Anytime there is an excess of any kind of animal or bird, the public looks on them as almost throw-away which parrots are not, but can be perceived that way.

The other matter is learning all you can about breeding, handfeeding using a syringe and baby parrot handfeeding formula. This is a learned skill and requires you apprentice with a long-time breeder so you can learn how to do it from putting the formula together and heating correctly to feeding the right way to keep from either burning baby's crops to aspirating them by using the syringe incorrectly. There is a lot to learn.

Any birds slated for breeding also have to be checked out by an Avian Vet BEFORE any breeding is undertaken. Sick parents produce sick babies, and the babies will also have to be weighed everyday and taken to avian vet if they do not gain weight everyday as this means an infection is present. Babies are very delicate since they have no immune systems, and will die from even a slight infection.

Thanks for writing and hope this helps,

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