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Is papay fruit toxic to small Parots?

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May 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Papaya's flesh nutritional value exceeds that of apples, peaches, grapes in vitamins, minerals, amino acids. (It also contains less water content than any other fruit.) Also contains antioxidants & the seeds contain more nutrition than the flesh. The seeds are 100% safe for parrots. My conure loves her papaya & the seeds & I offer it regularly along with a large variety of other foods.

May 09, 2011
Papaya and Conure diet
by: Tracie

Papaya is safe in small amounts, but make sure you are feeding your conure 80% healthy pellets like Harrison's and only 20% healthy treats.

We have health and training articles on our Parrot Training page and a long list of what is and is not safe for parrots on our non-toxic for birds list

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