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by jess

I have just succeeded in switching my 3 mth old conure to a roudybush pellet diet! Yeah!!! Now my question becomes how much pellets should I feed her a day? She loves the pellets but seems to b eating all the time! Also since i just got her switched, at the moment I am not giving her any seed!( It has only been for 3 days now)! Should i give her seeds if so how often & how much? Also how often & how much fruit & vegies should I give her! I have done my research! Before we got her I read everything I could find on conures! But every site seems to say something different!!! It is so confusing! Any & all advice would b greatly appreciated!

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Apr 24, 2013
Best diet for conures
by: Tracie

Yay, congrats on the conversion!

According to our avian vet, who has been practicing for over 30 years and also teaches avian medicine at a university, you should feed your conure 80% pellets and 20% seeds and healthy treats.

Look on your Roudybush package for the suggested amount of pellets. We put our Harrison's pellets in the cage in the morning and don't add seeds or treats until they have eaten most of their pellets. this keeps them from pigging out on treats and not eating their pellets.

When you look at the small amount of pellets you feed your bird, you can see you don't need to add too many treats.

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