Conure has a fixed strange behavior

by Cheryl
(Tunnel Hill)

I bought my sun conure from a breeder two years ago. I took her to a vet the next week. She was very sick with a yeast infection and was under weight. I gave Margo her medicine every day. I took her back to the vet in two weeks. She was well and had gained some weight.

She is very attached to me. Whenever I come home from work she screams for me until I put her on my shoulder, which I always do for several hours. While with me she acts like she wants to breed with me. She fans her tail, and moves her head around. She also continually bites holes in my shirts.

She is on a pelleted diet and also a cooked treat as well as fresh fruits. She will not eat veggies. I have had conures in the past as well as other small birds. This conure is so different from the others. She never acts normal. Could she have some neurological damage or will she always use this behavior? The avian vet did not comment when I told her this. What do you think? I love her and will keep her but this is a bit alarming because it never stops.

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Oct 09, 2013
Thank you so much!!
by: Anonymous

I appreciate this web site so-o-o much. You guys are awesome. I have gained a lot of knowledge about my bird reading all the wonderful articles. I love my precious Margo and am so glad that her behavior is normal. I did not know that all conures are not alike. She is the sweetest bird. She gives me little butterfly kisses all over my face and neck every day. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

Oct 09, 2013
Train conure a different behavior
by: Tracie

We have some training articles on this Parrot Training page link if you would like to attempt to teach your bird a different behavior to replace the ones you do not appreciate.

Oct 08, 2013
Conure's fixed strange behavior
by: Robin

My Nanday Conure does pretty much the same thing but less intense than the way you describe your conture's behavior. I've had him (her?) for over two years now. As long as you two are not going through separation anxiety I think you are very fortunate to have such a trusting friend. Conures chew everything! Check this site for some great training tips that might help you out in the 'please release me' category. And make sure you have lots of "bird shirts" on hand! :-)

Oct 07, 2013
Conure behavior
by: Tracie

What you are describing is not strange behavior for conures. It may be different than your other conures, but it is not strange overall.

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