Conure help!

by Richard Smith
(Boca Raton, FL)

i just recently bought my yellow sided green cheek conure she has never bitten me and doesnt even attempt to shes very curious and nice and loves to be pet. but every time i go to take her out of the cage she runs untill i finally catch her she runs like shes scared but then when u take her out she perfectly normal and climbs all over me with ecxitment. why does she act the way she does when taking her out then?

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Jan 27, 2010
Conure help!
by: Linda

Richard, when you go into her cage, you are going into HER space, and birds are very protective of their cages. The fact that she is NOT biting you means she may also be playing a game with you. Just act like nothing is wrong and continue to get her out of her cage as you have been doing. Don't play the "chase me" game with her, because then she'll start doing this other times too. Once our little birds think they have been clever or funny, they'll continue that behavior, and it becomes habit. Bad Birdy habits are very hard to change.

I believe she will eventually stop running from you, but again, our hands are big as are we, and little birds become frightened sometimes with that. Keep being kind and loving to her once she is out of cage, and you will be okay.

Thanks for writing and come back again if you need or want to. We're here to answer questions and also to hear and share stories about people and their birds as well.


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