Conure injured tongue

by Giselle
(New York, NY)

My conure recently came out his cage and started flying around and hit the wall and is now bleeding from his mouth, I believe he bit his tongue. Is there a way to stop the bleeding?

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Nov 12, 2011
Conure bleeding
by: Tracie

Hopefully your bird quit bleeding. There is not someone live 24/7 here to read and post questions and answers, sorry.

Please have a 24/7 emergency number on your fridge for an avian vet for times like this. Even if your avian vet isn't open 24/7, they usually give you an emergency number of someone who is.

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I do not know how I would stop the bleeding because I don't think my bird would let me do anything with it's tongue, it would need to be sedated. Then, because their bones are hollow, I would want my bird examined to make sure there were not any internal injuries even if the bleeding did stop.

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