Conure laid 3 eggs do not want babies

by Shelly

My 3yr old conure has a 2 yr old mate, which was not intentional but.... So she surprised us with an egg on a Wednesday 6pm. By Sat she had not had the 2nd egg which you could easily see she was carrying. I got nervous and took her to an emergency avian vet as we were getting ready for a bad snow storm and I was too scared that she could be getting egg bound so I left her at the vet.

She placed her in an environment of warmth and high humidity and she had the 2nd egg on Sat night or Sunday am. The vet kept the egg and told me to take out the nest box to discourage further egg laying and remove the other egg. I only gave her a nest box initially when I saw her bulging like she was pregnant. We did so and now Thursday she has laid her 3rd egg while in my husbands shirt.

Here are my questions: I am inclined to return the nest box with the egg to hopefully prevent further egg laying by allowing her to sit on it, to decrease her daytime hours until she stops and hopefully shows no interest in the eggs. Would you agree? Also should I keep the male in a separate cage from her as he regurgitates food to her and I'm wondering if that continues to stimulate her egg laying?

Moving forward I plan to buy fake eggs as this won't be the last time for this so I want to be more prepared and I will use tactics of moving her cage around and toys around and even placing her mate periodically in the cage next to her rather than together constantly. Do I keep the male with her? Any other suggestions?

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Dec 27, 2013
decoy eggs
by: Sylvie

My conure would lay eggs at times too. But taking the eggs out makes them lay more eggs. They will try and get a full clutch to sit on. I went to the craft store and got a bunch of those plastic eggs around the same size as conure eggs and at the first sign of an egg I would place a few plastic eggs in there. She would see a full nest and be satisfied and proceed to sit on them. After a few weeks they of course wouldn't hatch and she'd stop nesting. But she never got past 1 egg of her own after the decoys were put in. Maybe that might work for your conures.

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