conure living with parakeet

I have been offered a baby green cheek conure by a breeder friend of mine, in a few months when they are ready.

I have always wanted one, but my problem is, I already have a Bourke's parakeet. my bourke doesn't have a cage (he always hated cages) he just roams and flys around the house, mainly hanging out in his little area that is set up for him, he is a very friendly bird he loves attention, being handled and played with...

so i was wondering if bringing a baby green cheek conure into this situation would be a good idea? will the conure bully or kill the Bourke?
will the conure be able to be out of a cage with the Bourke? (i dont want them to be caged very often). will bringing another bird in negativity affect my relationship with my Bourke?

also, i have had a decent amount of experience with birds, i grew up with Indian ring necks around, i have had cockatiels, budgies and grass parakeets, so training the conure shouldnt be a problem.

Any advise will be appreciated, Thank you

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Jun 17, 2012
conure living with parakeet
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice,

I have Decided not to take the conure.

as for caging my bourke, he had serous issues with cages and would often hurt himself in the cage. I was advised by a number of vets, breeders, and bird trainers that he had possibly had a traumatic experience with a cage and it would be better for him not to be caged as he was likely to hurt himself so bad he would die. I have done everything possible to bird safe my house and he is locked away in a small room with not much in it when im not around to watch him. so while i appreciate your concern and advice, my bourke will not be caged.

Jun 16, 2012
Info on Ringnecks
by: Sultana Zamani

Hi! I have a male and a female Indian Ringnecks
The male is Andy and the female is Chutki (in
the Indian language it means "tiny"). What kind
of toys would they like to play with. At present
they just have a rattler and only Chutki plays
with it. They are both not caged and roam
around in the balcony which is their territory.
I would like to know about the Ringnecks (email addy removed, we do not post personal addresses)

Jun 15, 2012
Conure living with parakeet
by: Anonymous

Conures, sweet and loving as they are, are very territorial and eventually will attack your parakeet and probably kill him. If you get a conure, please get a largish cage and make it his home. He should never be alone with the parakeet and please do NOT put them in the same cage -- ever. I'd recommend training your parakeet to use a cage (even if it is small one off to the side for just this purpose) so your conure can have his 'free time' too.

Jun 14, 2012
conure living with parakeet
by: Linda

No, these two will not be able to be together in a cage or otherwise. Also, a cage is very important, and it is a bird's safe place. I recommend you get a cage for the Bourke and one for the Conure as well. Allowing birds to fly all over the house is dangerous for the birds as they can fly into things and eat items that can kill them.

As for the baby Conure, make sure he is completely weaned before you take him. Even then, newly weanted babies tend to revert back to needing to be handfed, so make sure you have handfeeding formula on hand and know how to feed using a syringe. Spoons introduce too much air and cause baby to have gas, so this is a major consideration when getting any baby parrots.

The new bird will need to be checked by an Avian Vet ONLY BEFORE coming home to your other bird in case new bird has infections, they will be immediately transferred to your Bourke.

So, the Conure will have to have a cage, and I highly recommend one for the Bourke as well. If you are going to train the Conure to be a good birdy citizen, spending time in a cage is a must.

These two birds WILL fight, and since both the Parakeet and the Conure are more aggressive birds, keep them separated with cages close to each other for company. The baby Conure will be afraid of everything, so do not have both birds out at the same time.Later, make sure you are right there all the time they are out together.

While this letting bird fly all over has worked for you up until now, there is always the first time it goes South, and you'll wish you had kept your Parakeet caged like a normal bird. I promise you IT WILL GO SOUTH SOMETIME OR ANOTHER, so avoid losing your bird by training him to a cage. When the new Conure comes in, the Bourke will see him adjusting to his new cage and will probably want one for himself too! A bit of psychology works every time.


Jun 14, 2012
Conure with free flying parakeet?
by: Tracie

No, you can't let these two birds out together at the same time. Bourkes are pretty laid back birds and Conures can be very aggressive and nippy.

You are going to hear from others, so I will go ahead and warn you that allowing a bird to fly free everywhere in your home is frowned upon.

Maybe your bird only has freedom in one area, that is completely bird safe, I don't know. But if your bird flies anywhere, then you are asking for trouble. The bird may investigate something and get trapped, it may chew something toxic, it may escape or get hurt when a door opens or closes.

Anyway, you would have to keep the conure in a cage and keep the wings clipped so that it can't fly and attack the bourke when it is out and completely supervised, in my opinion.

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