Conure mating period

by carmen

what months do the half moon conures parrots mate

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Nov 11, 2011
Half moon mating period
by: Tracie

I have no clue, birds mate at different times but I believe it is usually in the spring. You need to have your birds examined by an avian vet to make sure they are healthy and ready for breeding. While you are waiting for the test results, please contact a good breeder and offer to help them or at least get to know them and learn all you can about the problems that arise with breeding birds. If the parents suddenly start killing the babies, or don't feed them, then you will be in charge 24/7 feeding and caring for baby birds. If you do not have hand feeding experience, your babies may die.

Make sure you are feeding your bird Harrison's or at least Roudybush pellets so that the hen does not become egg bound. Dr B has NEVER seen a case of egg binding in birds that eat 80% Harrison's pellets.

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