Conure Parrot laying unfertilized egg

by Paul
(Dallas, TX)

We adopted what we thought was a male conure parrot. However, this morning, I found what appeared to be an egg on my living room floor. We have had the parrot for about a month and he has seemed very happy.

The previous owner, my roommates sister, kept him in the laundry room and probably did not give him the attention we do. When he lived with her, he always squawked and would bite at people. With us, he let's us hold him, walk around with him on our shoulder, and pet him.

He seemed to be acting a little wierd yesterday, not wanting to leave my side when I got home, and wanting to burrow. I did not see her drop the egg, just found on floor this morning. Is this typcial? Should I be alarmed? Guess I need to quit calling the bird a "he". Thank you. Paul

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Mar 24, 2012
Laying eggs
by: Anonymous

Your bird has bonded with you. THis is a good thing! Please make sure your little one has a cuddle bone to supply her with calcium, as egg laying can deplete her calcium levels.

Also, it's spring time, the birds have an internal clock which is based upon the rising and setting of the sun.
The bird knows the days are now longer, and it's time to mate/lay eggs. Even if a male bird is not present a female will lay eggs.

TO prevent the trauma of egg laying, and having to remove them from her cage... Cut back on her daylight hours. She will then begin to think it's still in the winter months, and will cease to lay more eggs.

My IRN layed eggs when she bonded with a male in the house. We removed her eggs and replaced with fake ones, however she wasn't stupid. She knew they weren't her's, and waas ticked off for months. Fake eggs might work with some birds, however they did not for mine. So I cut back her daylight hours.

She still needs natural sunlight, just try closing the curtains about 4or5 pm. As in winter thats when it starts to get dark at night.

Please make sure to keep your bird off the floor. You would certainly notice she dropped an egg if she did it while you were handling her.

One way to tell a bird will lay eggs or is close to it, is they appear to look fatter, and thier droppings will be larger, may have a slight oder. Change papers often to prevent oder. She will also eat more then normal.

Hope this helps! GL, and bless your heart for giving her a wonderful home!

Mar 24, 2012
by: Bird Expertise :-)

U should not be alarmed. I once had a budgie that we thought was a boy, but is a girl. She flew away though. Your parrot has bonded and loves u. Should care for her too. Are u a male. It may be, if u r a male, she mated with u. I also had a fish, same thing. We figured out it was a girl when it was pregnant. It died during pregnancy. Anyway, bye!

Editor's note: If your bird died laying eggs, it became egg bound. This can be avoided by feeding your bird Harrison's pellets. Switching Budgies To Pellets article

Mar 23, 2012
Conure Parrot laying unfertilized egg
by: Linda

Keep your bird up off the floor and throw away the egg. If she continues to lay eggs, make sure you take them out. You can buy "fake" eggs for your species parrot and replace the real eggs with them. The real eggs go bad, and if she breaks and eats the fluid, she can be poisoned, so get a few(four) fake eggs and then she can "sit" on them.The reason I suggest fake eggs is if you take an egg, she is likely to lay another one to replace it and it goes on and on with bird becoming physically depleted in the process.

Also, since it appears your bird was neglected to some degree, an exam by an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area would be an excellent idea. It is common for birds to get bacterial infections because they have only gram positive bacteria in their bodies and can contract too much gram negative during contact with people, dirty cages, floors and humans and other pets. Have her checked out to make sure she is healthy and consider changing her to a high quality diet of organic pellets with Harrisons being the best and Avian Vet endorsed. All seed diets slowly starve birds to death while leaving them open to all kinds of infections and disease.

Below is a link on how to go about the change, and bird has to be examined by avian vet first to make sure she is not sick. Birds hide their illness/diseases until they are too sick to stand and death follows shortly after. Make no dietary changes until she has been examined and either treated or given a clean bill of health.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Thank You for taking this little bird into your home and hearts as she deserves a better life than left alone in a laundry room. Birds are flock creatures meaning they are very social and become more and more depressed if this interaction is withheld from them. You are now her flock, so enjoy her and take good care of her as she deserves it.


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