Jenday Conures changed my life

by Gen

Jenday Conures

Jenday Conures

Jenday Conure Photo / picture

when I was 14 I adopted my first conure, peanut, from a local parrot store for my birthday.... When I think about it Im not sure why I adopted Peanut.. She was mean, and bit me when i first tried to handle her, but my father convinced me to buy her, so I did... I had had cockatiels since I was 9 so I had plenty of experience... The first night I had her she started making these crying noises, like she was scared, and when i opened her cage she hopped right out... I took her with me into bed and just sat with her until she stopped crying... Next thing I know Im waking up for school and her heads tucked into my eye socket... while i was conforting her i fell asleep and she had moved up next to my head and snuggled in.

From that day on she slept on my pillow, night after night... two years after that I adopted my second jenday conure, an elderly bird named Zed, from a lady who had too many children and not enough time for her bird.. I immediatly fell in love with zed, and peanut and him quickly bonded. Peanut always had a soft spot for me, but when i wasnt around her and zed were always cuddling and preening eachother.

Im now 19, and have had peanut for 5 years, and zed for 3 years. I owned my two conures through the hardest part of my life, and in thier own way, helped me get through some of the hardest parts of high school and dating. Sadly Zed passed away several weeks ago, and while I adopted a few other birds since peanut and zed, me and peanut miss zed an awful lot and feel his absence every day.

Im hoping to get peanut another conure friend at some point in the future, but until then its just me and peanut and company... Peanut and Zed have changed my life, and Im a better person for it..


Gen does not suggest that others sleep with their birds, you might roll over on them and kill them.

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Tango our Green Cheeked Conure

by The Thompson's
(Surpise, AZ)


Our Green Cheeked Conure "Tango is a wonderful family Pet! He was born 01/2008 and we bought him from PETCO if you can believe that. He Actually picked my husband right away! He is very loving but he will let you know when he is upset by some biting!

We have a smaller home so we decided to go with a smaller parrot for easier upkeep! Tango has colors that are beautiful green, blue, red, grey, but not as bright as some of the larger parrots or even the sun conure.

He just learned how to say "Whats up doc?" and everyonce in a while he will try to say "uh-oh" and hello! He also knows how to step up and down, come here and no biting. Sometimes Tango does not listen! We love him very much and he is a special part of our lives!


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Dreams do come true as long as you don't give up.
Nanday Story

by Chantal
( Kenora Ontario Canada)

 Me  and Tango

Me and Tango

I am Chantal and this is my beautiful Nanday Conure. His name is Tango. He is 7 month's and two weeks old. Tango is the most gentle, loving and cuddliest little companion I have ever had. He loves being around everyone and having everyone around him, as long as you don't work late.

He also enjoys chewing on anything he can get his little claws on. Anything from fingers, to fish tanks and his perches. In less than one night he ate one end of his perch, lol, silly little Tango.

He loves oranges, bananas, cashews ,cheese, apples and sunflower seeds. One thing I truly love about Tango is he lets me sleep in. He is a very quiet bird. He starts talking to me as soon as my body gets out of bed. Then he lets me know it's time to play so lets go.

I always wanted a bird but unfortunately I didn't get one of these amazing little companions until I was 20. See, my mom thought the same as everyone else, she thought that birds are every loud animals.

I remember my first time ever wanting a bird. I was about 5 and my mom took me to the pet store to pick out my first pet ever. So I went around looked at the dogs, cats and mice. I was almost ready to give up and go home, when all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw this little birdy sitting on his perch.

I looked at him, then looked at my mom and said "I would like that one." My mom stopped me right there and said "No." I told her I really didn't want anything else and we should just go home. So she bought me a mouse. I was so angry but as time went on I kept on trying and the answer never changed.

So when I moved out I finally got my little companion and I couldn't be happier. So to all those people thinking about getting a bird, it's so worth it . So love your bird and take good care of them. I know I will.

Sincerely, Chantal and Tango.

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stray conure's

by cheyenne taylor minton
(louisville ky u.s.a)

I was picking black berries in summer 2008 when polyanna came into my life (by came I mean landed on my sister's head). She was cold,scared,and hungry when I took her in. I never had a bird before so I went to wal-mart and got some food and a cage( I was only 11 at the time). now I have had poly for almost a year but she still dosen't trust me. but I love her so that's the only thing keeping poly away from my cat mocalate. I have had poly for 9 month's now but my love for her feel's like I had her all my life.,cheyenne minton

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Kermie the Conure

My bird is called Kermie he is 16 years old and is a dusky conure, he has lived with my family for longer than me. We got him when he was 2 months old and i was in my mums tum, he has a really bad habbit of eating whatever the person in the living room is eating and will never give up no matter how many times we tell him to go away.

he also likes to chew stuff and will often go into the toliet and start tearing up the loo roll. When he was younger he used to chew books, he doesn't so much anymore but will on the odd occasion at the moment he is sat on top of the curtains taking out the stiching, he will poo anywhere, but not so much in his cage, hench the fact when you let him out he will fly to the sofa and poop.

He can be really nosiy and lots of visitors we have are scared to be bitten by him, if you have a good relationship with him and then you leave for a long peroid of time he will forgett about you and try and bite you any time you show him affection. He is loving to me and grooms my face and snuggles up to me.

Sometimes he will give himself a bath in his water pot, but normally he will shower under the tap. He is a complete sweetheart and i love him to bits. And he made someone bleed once. Hes not friendly to new people and its you who has to make the effort to be friendly to him.

He loves exploring all the different rooms in the house and there is a light which chances colours depending on the angle you look at it which intriges him. Although he is old he still acts like a little boy, he will always sing and will try and get me involved we have a song that we sing together its always the same tune and i think the only one he knows.

I love him more then anything and if i had no human friends he would be my best friend in the world i love him loads and would reccomend anyone getting one whatever their lifestyle.

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Pockie the green cheeked conure

by Alexander
(South Carolina)

Pocky the Green Cheeked Conure

Pocky the Green Cheeked Conure

Pocky is only 7 months old she is very cute and playful. She likes to climb on perches and then fly on top of our cat. The cat doesn't do anything but Pocky cleans the cats fur lol. She likes cuddling with people she loves to be petted on the back of her neck. She got ran over by my sister but she was okay.

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my maroon belly corky

by dara hamilton
(tacoma, washington)

Corky - Maroon Belly

Corky - Maroon Belly

i got corky at a pet store when i wasn't even looking to buy a bird. i was asking to put up flyers about another bird that was missing. i was looking at the birds waiting to talk to the owner and talking to the store bird. the next thing i know there is this little green and red bird crawling up my back.

i asked about him and the store owner told me she was letting him bond with her daughter before she put him up for sale. i told her that i was interested i buying him but not if she had him bond with someone else first,(i thought that would be too cruel to do to any animal). she told me to come back in 2 days and she would let me know. i went back and she sold him to me for $400 dollars, which was way over priced but i wanted him.

he could already say his name and good morning and goodnight and hi. i had him for five years and they were the best 5 years. he was so smart. he went everywhere with me and learned a lot of new words.

his favorite place to go was the drive through window at a fast food resterant. we would get up to the window and he would climb over to my left shoulder so he could be in the window. as soon as the cashier showed up at the window he would say french fry. and of course the cashier would laugh and ask i she could give him one.

i would go to bed at night and as soon as he heard me come into the bedroom i would hear him say, from under his cover, "apple" and then he would laugh.

he loved people to pay attention to him but they didn't dare try to pick him up, he was a one person bird, even though i was his second owner. if someone tried to pick him up he would jump on their finger and run up their arm and bite them either in the face or neck. i tried warning people but they didn't listen till they got bit. he looked so cute and cuddley they thought he was safe and i must not know what i was talking about.

like i said i had him and he had me for five years. i don't know how old he was so i don't know if he died of old age or what but i woke up one morning and my world came crashing down on me when i lifted his cover off his cage and didn't hear morning corky. he was dead in the bottom of his cage. i went into a tail spin and fell into depression. it took me 4 years before i even thought about getting another bird and when i did someone tried to scam me out of money. i won't go into the scam but i found out it was a scam before i put up any money.

i am ready to get a new bird and would like to get one from a rescue place. i live in tacoma washington, is there one close by? i have enough love for twenty birds but at this time i just want one. thanks for reading my story and i hope its not too long. dara hamilton

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Sun Conure - Bad Idea

by Nikki
(Miami Florida)

Hi I'm Nikki a 10 year old with a Sun Conure named Sunny. I got her when I was 8 and that was a bad idea.

Sunny was neglected and not taken properly cared of for about a year and a half. Recently I learned how to take better care of him, that's why I went to this website.

So if any parents want to get their young sons and daughters Sun Conures (or any parrot)find out if they can handle it.

Now Sunny is my best friend!

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Charlie the Blue Crown Conure

by Melissa
(Guthrie KY 42234)

1 day after we got Charlie<br> Blue Crowned Conure

1 day after we got Charlie
Blue Crowned Conure

I got him about a week ago so I don't know a lot to say. I kind need a little help if anyone has any good advice for a 1st time owner of a Blue Crown Conure.

I bought him from a couple that could not care for him anymore. He is about 1 year old. He is pretty friendly unless he doesn't know you. It took him a couple days to warm up to me.

The only problem I have now is that he chews on my fingers when I am holding him and some time it can hurt. I tell him "no" and he will let go but then he will try again, any advice?

He also will bite at anyone that tries to hold him and some times he does it to me but I just keep my finger there until he steps up as I am saying "up up Charlie."

He is can talk a little. He says his name and hello. I know it will take time for him to get really used to us I just wish he would go to others. My daughter really wants to hold him and stuff but he bites at her when she puts her finger up to him.

Living with Charlie is kind of crazy some times. When he wants someone to talk to him he will be loud or say over and over "Hello Charlie" lol.

He loves to sleep in this fuzzy thing he came with. He will get in there about 7 and sleep all night 'till I get up in the morning about 6. The lady I got him from says he likes his bath but he has not taken one for me yet. I put fresh water in every morning to see if he will take a bath but he won't.

We love Charlie a lot. Hope to hear from someone. Any good advice would be great.

Guthrie Ky

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Jewel our ysgcc

by Christy
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

This our Jewel

This our Jewel

Hi, we have a yellow sided green cheek conure and I love her to death. I call her a she but was never DNA sexed (my preference). She was hatched in April 2008 so she is still young.

She seems to love us all, but is partial to myself. If she is playing with someone else and I get up to go to another room she flies right to me. She will hardly play by herself unless she is in her cage. If out she wants to be on me constantly. Not sure of how to break her of this, but it's also nice that she loves me that much.

I'm not quite sure if you can call her a cuddler but she is very loving and loves her mommy time. When I first brought her home she was molting and not being that experienced with birds wasn't sure of how to help her with the sheaths that she couldn't reach. But once I gained her trust she lets me help her with them now and loves it!

She isn't really loud at all. If I am in the kitchen getting coffee or whatever she screams "I Love You" "momma's baby" "pretty baby" etc... the only time that she really gets loud at all is when the dogs bark or the front door gets open. God forbid that I go out and check the mail tho lol.

She will go willingly to anyone in our family. If strangers come in and try to get her to step up she will nip at them. Once she has gotten a chance to get to know them, she if fine. I really can't imagine not having her with us now. We have never clipped her wings and haven't been able to get her to wear a flight suit so if she gets to go outside it's in her cage only. I would be so devistated if she was to ever escape the house.

We give her pretty much free rain on the house with supervision of course. For anyone that is looking for a great first parrot, I would whole heartedly recommend the yellow sided green cheek conure.

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Yellow sided conure ...birdsitting

by Laura
(Tulsa, OK)

I am birdsitting a yellow sided conure for a month or two right now until it gets cooler and the owner can ship him home to the family... and let me tell you what I am having so much fuN with this little guy.

he wants to be on me all the time. He loves people. I have already taught him to say "pretty bird" in just one day!!! he copies me if I wistle . and he'll copy movies too he is very very smart!!!! his favvorite word is "cracker" because he knows he will get something to eat in return.

I am getting him to try all sort of fruit because I really like to eat it and his owner just has him on a seed mix diet and he is doing well. He likes to nibble. I had to take off my ear rings and necklace last night because he wouldnt leave them alone!! he was giving me goosebumps. and he has started to lay down and sleep with me on the couch by my arms and sometimes my legs he is so fun!! this has been a fun practice run and I will get a parrot when I have to return him!!!!

birdsitter Laura :)

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the perfect black capp for me

by austin stephens
(Tenton, Ohio,USA)

my conure is a black capped conure that only has one wing and is named Rocky my grandma rescued it and was fostering it and when i went to see her he took to me pretty quick so one night when i was @ my grandmas with him on th couch she said if it was ok with my mom i could take him home with me cause he took to me more than her he usually screeches when i leave the room and if i dont pay attention to him he says Rocky (that is not his pic up top)

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Joe my conure

by Lily
(Shelton, WA )

Joe in a tree - Blue Crowned Conure

Joe in a tree - Blue Crowned Conure

About 7 years ago I went to a privet breeders house with my mom (I was about 13). We walked in the door and where bombarded with the happy squawks whistles and screams of parrots. Once the noise had subsided a bit we looked around at all the beautiful parrots.

I had no idea what type of bird I wanted but the breeder looked around for a moment and plucked a little blue crown conure from a cage near by and handed him to me. I didn't seem to have a say in the matter but the scruffy little bird climbed up to the crook of my neck fluffed up and twitched happily.

On the ride home I decided to call him Joe.
My blue crown conure is just about the sweetest animal I've ever met. unfortunately he wasn't socialized and is very mean to other people.

It should be very clear to anyone buying any type of parrot, you must let many people hold and play with your bird or they will become attached to only their primary care giver and become mean to others.

A few important notes on bird care:
Please don't feed your parrots bird seed! They will pick out only the tastiest bits and their diet will suffer. I fed Joe bird seed for 6 years and then found out that he was incredibly vitamin A deficient.

The best food to feed is a really high quality pellet ( read the ingredients, corn should not be the second one!), fresh fruit and veg and whatever you are eating unless it's junk food.

Mist your parrot every day! They are from very humid climates and need lots of moisture. I recommend a reptile mister or fine mist squirt bottle. Once their used to it they will love it!

To clip or not to clip?
I clip Joe's wings during the warmer months so I can take him outside. I have a small tree in my yard that is non toxic and Joe LOVES to climb around and feel free. He also loves to come on bike rides and walks with me.

In the winter I let his wings grow out so he can fly around the house. He learned to fly at a young age so he has very good control and doesn't need to be supervised.(Joe is never locked in his cage)

The most important tip I have for someone who wants to buy a bird or has a bird is to read read read about birds! You may think you know but there is always something to be learned!

Thank you for reading!

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Nanday Conure hell - need help

by Tia5623 at aol dot com
(montgomery alabala)

I am the PROUD new owner of a 4 year old black hooded Conure. When I brought the bird she was as sweet as can be to her owner, however when I got her to my house she would NOT let me take her out her cage and she will lunge forward to bite me.

I am not able to even try to grab her without her lunging forward to bite me, WHAT AM I TO DO , I wanna love this bird and be the BEST bird owner ever, however she wont let me near her!!! SHE WILL EAT APPLES FROM MY HAND inside the cage < but WONT let me pet her at all....HELP

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My Sun Conure,Flashy.

by Deanna

Flash is my 6 yr. old Sun Conure. He is so sweet,he had a stroke about 2 yrs. ago. He walks with one foot,beak to get around.This wonderful pet sleeps with me everynight.I've NEVER had a parrot do that!! He flys with his one good foot and he will ACTUALLY ATTACK people around me he doesn't like!! He attacks my Son's Dad,I get home from work and he stays on my shoulder until bedtime,sits on a chairback in the kitchen when I prepare dinner,he is the best pet!! I love this lil' parrot and hope I have him for quite a while.I recommend the Sun Conure to ANYONE who loves birds as I do!!

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Nibbles our Green Cheeked Conure

by Traci
(Rochester, NY)

Nibbles playing in his play area on top of cage.

Nibbles playing in his play area on top of cage.

I have asked quesions on this web site and gotten quick and informative responses and thought I would tell you how we came to own a Green Cheeked Conure.

First, I had parakeets for 7 years several years ago and I adored them. I love birds and decided I wanted another bird.

We went to local pet store and found an adorable Lovebird that we named Madison. I asked a million questions as I had never had one before. Unfortunately, I was told the wrong information and she starved to death (according to the ecropsi - not sure I spelled that right) 9 days after we got her even though she was eating. Owner of pet store said it was not our fault and said she would get us another one. Still, I was devistated. I still get upset when I think about it. So, please do not listen only to pet store workers. Do your homework and read and ask a local avian vet for information.

There were not any lovebirds available in our area at that time. After a couple months, I happened to walk into a pet store near where I work. They had this adorable green cheeked conure. I talked to him and he came right over and kept kissing my finger. He even let me pet him. I did not want to spend the money (as he was not cheap) so I said good bye.

I told my husband about him and how cute he was. The wonderful man that he is sent my son over to pick it up for me. Nibbles came to our home on Father's Day! I set up the cage I had for the lovebird and put him in it. He was still friendly although he was scared.

As the week went on he seemed to get meaner and meaner. Biting every time you got near him. I just figured he did not know us and we have other animals so he is probably frightned. A couple weeks went by and he still kept biting no matter what we did. My husband thought his cage might be too small. I actually measured it and according to the book I had it was a bit smaller than the ones it recommended.

We went out to find a bigger one for him and ended up with what we call his condo! It is huge and on wheels. This did help. Once he got used to the new cage, he was a bit more friendly and was easier to work with on training although he was still biting quite hard.

Then he began molting! He seemed to get even more cranky and was biting more often again. I was not about to give up! After reading on Conure behaviors and the things they do to try to tell you that they don't like something and backing off when he exhibited them, we are becoming good buddies. I looked for the signs as soon as I walked up to his cage and didn't bother him if he exhibited them and just walked away. The biting got less and less as I think he was learning that I will ignore him if he is being cranky.

Also, I noticed in the evening he appears to want to be petted by putting the side of his head on cage bars but when you try to pet him he'll nip at you. I have learned he does this when he is tired and wants his cage cover on. I cover him and he goes into his little bed and I don't hear a thing from him until morning. I try to cover him every night at the same time but there are times when he acts as I said and I'll cover him sooner.

Nibbles has an attitude and continues to think he is the head of our flock! I am letting him know that I am in charge which he is beginning to realize. When training him, he does everything he can to get out of doing what I want. He'll try to get his head and neck rubbed which is very difficult not to do as he is so darn cute. He'll push me away with his beak, walk in the other direction or turn his back on me. At times he'll bite at me or bite me. I have learned NOT to pull my hand away when he does try or does bite.

I do not pet him when he wants me too while training him unless he has done what I want. When he pushes my hand with his beak I just stay there. At times he seems to get angry and will try to bite at this point or will bite. I just I make a really mad face and calmly tell him no. 99% of the time he does not bite hard any longer and if I do this when he opens his mouth to bite he'll usually back off before actually biting. I have learned not to yell no when he bites, not to jerk my hand away if he tries to bite or does and to remain calm. This is VERY difficult when a bird is biting your finger but it works!

I praise the heck out of him when he is good and feed him his favorite treat which is apple and his biting is getting less and less every day. He is getting more affectionate (for him) and friendly. Do you best NOT to pull away when they bite or try to bite you especially when training them. They learn quickly that they can get away with it and won't do as you want them too!!

Green cheeks are beautiful and can be loving birds. You have to be willing to put the time in (at least 15 minutes a day) to get to know your bird and to work with him once he does know you.

We have had Nibbles for about 10 weeks and it took a good two months for him to feel comfortable around us and us around him especially after us doing the wrong things when training him (see above). He is a riot to watch and does all sorts of funny things in, on and around his cage. He loves to play with some of his toys and loves his baths which he takes at least once a day in a rectangular tupperware dish that is only about 2 inches high. He knows this is his bath dish and gets excited when I bring it to him.

He loves his cat balls that have little bells in them. He'll pick them up and drop it for you to pick up and give it back to him. If you hold your hand down below so it does not land on the floor he'll move to the opposite side of his cage and drop it. I do not recommend leaving them in a bird's cage as they can get thier feet caught in them. Use them only when supervising them.

Nibbles is a lot of fun and we love him very much. He is not a snuggly bird and we have realized that he probably never will be and that is ok. We are working on him letting us touch him in other areas besides his head and neck which may never change. Again that is ok with us. He has his own personality which we are learning and enjoying. I am sure each bird is different and as long as you are willing to work with his/her personality then you'll enjoy this type of bird.

I am not expert and have not had Nibbles that long but I hope this helps anyone who wants to get a Conure to know what you are getting in to and if you are willing to put in the time and effort the rewards are many!

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Sun Conure

by margo
( Murphy, nc)

Hi, I have a sun conure ( Mango) and she is 7 years old. Yesterday he laid her first egg on my husband. I don't think she no's what to do with it. I took it and was surprised on the size of it.
We didn't know for sure if she was male or female , now we know. She loves my husband and spends hours with him daily, she hides under his shirt and clicks, we love her. Noisey but.....

Am I making a mistake getting two Green Cheeks to companion one who lost her buddy?

by Don
(Queens, NY)

Ringo (left) and George (right)

Ringo (left) and George (right)

Hi. I have a question.

I have one Green Cheek Conure named Ringo. Back in May my other Green Cheek Conure, George, died unexpectedly. They shared the same cage and, for the most part, got along great.

Of the two Ringo was more bonded to me, and when I would come home Ringo always chased George until I could get over to their cage to let them out. Though I usually enjoyed Ringo’s overt fondness for me, which she expressed in many ways (i.e., like defending me from George when she wanted to nip me), I often felt kind of sorry for George who usually did nothing wrong to deserve Ringo’s aggression.

Having been in touch with a local breeder over the summer, I’m about ready to bring home a new baby Green Cheek to keep Ringo company. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of getting two baby Green Cheeks, but I’m not sure if it’s the right way to go. I would appreciate any feedback from other multi bird families so I can make the best decision.

My hope is that they will eventually share the same cage, but I’m prepared to start with two separate cages. Since Ringo is so strongly bonded to me I’m really concerned that she won’t accept another bird, whether one or two. She’s also not well socialized and tends to fear just about everyone, though she does have some curiosity about some of my friends who basically have no interest in her.

Recently, I was visiting friends and Ringo came with me. They had a friend who had an adolescent Green Cheek and brought it over to meet Ringo. The other fid (feathered kid) was very interested in Ringo, but Ringo wasn’t interested in it and attacked the poor thing.

But then I’ve seen how she is when I bird-sit another friend’s two Green Cheek Conures. Ringo always tries squeezing next to them for some preening despite their frequent nips at her and she goes nuts when I separate her from them, so I’m hopeful that she’ll eventually welcome Green Cheek company.

Here’s why I think three are better than two. If she rejects them, they’ll at least have each other. If she accepts them, maybe they won’t form a couple within the group and we can be one big happy family, and she’ll always have choices: be with me, be with both of them, or be with one of them. When George was around, Ringo often chose my company over George’s. If she gets jealous, maybe it will be harder for her to displace her aggression with two other birds, like she did with George.

Ringo is also more than three years old now and doesn’t have the same energy that a newborn will have. For me, the biggest downside of three is being able to take them on a bicycle ride in my birdy backpack. I think it would be too cramped in there, though I will stop to let them out (wings clipped, of course) along the way.

The other downside of bringing in any new birds, is Ringo now loves it when I scratch her head feathers, something she never let me do when George was around. But I’m willing to give it all up to make her happy. And I think she’ll be much happier when I’m not home if she has company.

My primary concern is Ringo and, if the group dynamic becomes problematic, I may re-home one the cheekies early in our relationship before we formulate any strong bonds. Though I really hope it doesn’t come to this, which is why I would prefer to make the right decision from the beginning.

I really think it will be an easier adjustment for Ringo if there are two birds, but I could be wrong. I have about one week to make this decision. What do other people think???


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Captain Woody - Mitred Conure

by Priscilla

Mitred Conure - Captain Woody

Mitred Conure - Captain Woody

Captain Woody is a Mitred Conure with personality. He is a rescue bird given to us by a friend who had too many. He was with a man who had brought him over from Peru and he is banded. The owner had died and was not found for 2 weeks. During this time Woody began plucking all of his left wing and his lower body so badly that he is now bare in his lower region and cannot fly except to the ground from his stand. He cannot fly back up.

Woody has never been caged as we were told that he freaks out if you put him in a cage, we have never tried to place him in one due to not wanting to stress him. He lives in our home with several cats, as we also raise and sell hybrid cats. But I can tell you he is the Captain of the house.

Woody can be very loud at times. In the morning for about 30 minutes he will scream for no reason. Telling him to be quiet or to shut up will have no effect on him. This is a behavior that a bird owner must accept as it is just part of their nature. After the scream session is over he wants his paper changed and has his food bowl fixed for the day as well as fresh water to bathe. He is a very clean bird and if you do not change his paper for him he will sit there looking down and yell crap at you until you change it as well as sweep up under his stand.

Sunflower seeds are his favorite but since these are so high in fat that we try to be sure he also gets pellets and other seed. Woody likes to have a fresh red delicious apple in his bowl constantly(if you put fresh food out for your bird remove it frequently and do not leave meats and such to be there for more than an hour as this could make your bird sick).

Woody likes to give me kisses but will only come to my husband for a shoulder ride. He goes out to ride with him on the lawn mower and loves to go for walks with him. Woody makes us laugh every day as he interacts with us and is wonderful part of our family! He will bark at the cats and then laugh at them. He has quite a vocabulary including profanity when we ask him to say meow,lol.

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Gracie, Cherry Headed Conure

by Daryl Gagliano

Gracie playing 'peek-a-boo'

Gracie playing 'peek-a-boo'

We love Conures! Realizing that Conures are not for everyone, we love the joy, the action, the loyalty, and the affection of our Conure birds.

Gracie, was the Conure that started it all. We adopted Gracie from a parrot welfare organization last spring. We've since adopted three more (Nanday, Blue Crowned, and Gold Capped).

Gracie is considered to be a bird with 'special needs', as she does not perch like others, but instead perches on her "ankles" as a result of previous neurological damage incurred by chewing on a cheap cage she had been kept in.

As a result, she is fully flighted for her safety, and she will fly over and perch on our shoulders when called. We did not train her to do this, she does it out of her desire to be with her 'flock', which is us!

Her call, while it can be quite forceful & loud, is a proud, low-toned call, that reminds me of the tropical wilderness of her species' native lands (Ecuador to northern Peru). She calls out in the morning when she gets up, and when she hears someone come through the door, or when she is looking or asking for us. Other than that, Gracie coos to us, and speaks a few words in context.

Gracie is not a one-person bird, but she most definitely favors her "mommy". Gracie loves to give kisses, and she seems to anticipate and enjoy her daily routine. I've noticed that we really bonded when we began engaging in "flock breakfast" on weekends, and I started to hand feed her veggies: peas, carrots, broccoli. When she wants more, she will softly grunt this baby-like sound, as if to say, "more please!"

Gracie shares both a day and bedtime cage with a Hahn's Macaw. They really seem to enjoy each other's company, and preen and cuddle together.

Gracie loves chewing toys, and loves to destroy parrot pinatas or any other preening toys provided. She especially loves to chew on paper. She loves to chew up buttons on our clothes, and will concentrate on this activity with intensity and fervor!

Gracie taught us the beauty and challenge of living with Conures, and we are forever grateful to her beauty, feistiness, and gentle spirit!

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Milo the Patagonian Conure

by Lynn

Patagonian Conure - Milo

Patagonian Conure - Milo

Milo is a Patagonian Conure. She is around 7 years old. Milo likes about anyone but is rather shy around people she doesn't know. Of course she is mostly my bird and allows me to do most anything with her. She loves to cuddle, dance, play our made up games, and sing opera.

Milo came from a bad situation. I found her at 6 months old on the floor of a man's house living in a dog crate and eating dog food. Because Milo did not have the proper food at a young age her joints grew wrong and because of that she will always need to be on medication for pain. The poor girl had to learn how to climb, play with toys, eat normal food and interact in a normal way with people. It's been a bumpy road, but now Milo is by far the best bird a person could have.

Patagonian's are not known for their speaking ability but this girl can talk! Hello, I love you, come here, peekaboo, Milo, beaky, and bye are just some of the things that Milo can say. She can also squeak like a drawer opening, yipe like a puppy, meow, wolf whistle, and the most famous, the opera singing!

I love Milo most though because if it wasn't for this girl we may have lost not only our home but our lives as well. There had been many storms in our area causing brown outs. One night I guess our refrigerator had had just one too many and shorted out. Smoke filled our home and from a smoldering wire behind our fridge.

We had a dog at the time too, but the dog did not bark. But Milo, smelling smoke began to scream. Now Milo never ever makes noise in the middle of the night, let alone a scream like this! She just wouldn't quit. As I got up to let her know that it's not okay to make that much noise while we are trying to sleep, I smelled the smoke and knew right away what she was trying to say. Long story short, the house was okay, we made all made it out safely, and Milo was a hero!

I just thought that everyone should know what a great bird Milo is. She may be small, but we have a huge place for her in our hearts.

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Gumdrop the Wonder Girl
(Pineapple Green Cheek Story)

by Lana Litwin

Gumdrop in blue

Gumdrop in blue

Gumdrop is a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure about 11 months old (as of 09/07). She goes to anyone and is a very affectionate bird. We bonded in seconds.

She is generally fairly quiet except when she wants to come out of her cage. The rest of the time she is quiet but makes really unusual sounds like whah wha,whee with clicks and whistles. My husband thinks she is a ventriloquist because she seems to misdirect those sounds. She started talking without any lessons from us. She says, "good girl" and "come on."

She is smallish and very active, so active she requires constant watching. She loves to play with toys and is very bright. She would be friendly with our other bird if that bird weren't so jealous.

She is willful and slightly nippy. It isn't a major problem though, you just have to observe her behaviour and correct it. Overall she is a sweet affectionate bird and was the best present my husband has ever given me.

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Gave up my Conure

by Bruce Young
(Dallastown Pa.)

I had adog a cat and my conure (JOEY). I gave him up because of our new baby when he started to walk. anyhow, joey was like a friend to me , when I got home from work and yes he did screem, he would sit on my shoulder till I went to bed.they are very good companions and I really miss him! well thats my short story. Bruce..

Life with Rummi a Nanday Conure

Rummi's Christmas Portrait

Rummi's Christmas Portrait

Hi this story is about Rummi a Nanday Conure.
Rummi was born around August 10th of 2007. I met her around September 18th which was my deceased fathers birthday. His initials were RUM hence where Rummi came from.

Rummi was still being hand fed when I met her but I fell in love with the instant that the breeder handed her to me to hold. Immediately she climbed up under my chin to be snuggled and cuddled. I got to bring Rummi home before she was weaned, and I finished hand feeding her and now she is eating Zupreem and fresh fruit and veggies, sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Rummi is pretty much a one person bird, she will go to others but she tends to bite when you take her out of her cage. She loves me, Mommy, and she loves Daddy and her Mommy breeder and Daddy breeder.

Rummi has learned to hang upside down like a bat, give kisses, say words like eat, love, kiss, brat, yep and she is still learning.

Rummi is a LOUD bird, she squawks really loud!! But I wouldn't give her up for anything.

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Green cheeked conure died a week after i bough him!

by Sarah Ryan

Pepi the cute conure!!!

Pepi the cute conure!!!

It was my birthday so my mum decided to get me a green-cheeked conure, since i love birds. I took him home and gave him love and attention. He was a very happy little bird, he would even try to feed me his fruit by climbing up on too my shoulder and trying to shove it in my mouth! It was very amusing!

On the 7th night i had hime i put hime in his huge but cosy cage inside his blanket over his cage sstill allowing air to go in, he still seemed in a happy mood like usual but tired. The next morning i hopped up out of bed to see him so i went over to his cage and took the blanket off and he was cage at the bottom of the cage dead! I was devastated and still am. He seemed perfectly fine the night before. He had fresh food and vegies, clean water, clean cage, his little cosy nest where he sleeps. Pepi's death was totally out of the blue!

It was too late too get and autopsy done so the curiosity of his death still remains but it doesn't have to for you guys so a friendly word of advice to those looking to get a conure, make sure it is from a high quality pet shop or well known breeder and always get a vet check before you pay big expenses.

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Billy: Gold Capped Conure What love and a bond can do!

by Daryl Gagliano

The Healing Bond

The Healing Bond

Billy is a 9 year old Gold Capped Conure. His story is “still in the writing” so to speak. We adopted him almost 3 months ago from a parrot welfare, where he shared a cage for 3 years with a bonded pair of Conures, who could only be adopted out together.

We were initially interested in the bonded pair, but when we found out about Billy, we could not adopt just the two, and not the third! Knowing how parrots often get passed around and re-homed, we decided to keep this flock intact. And so Billy’s story in our home begins:

Billy is a SCREAMER!! When we first adopted Billy, it was as though a car/fire alarm was constantly sounding. It was very, very difficult to endure. Gold Caps have a higher pitch to their voices and the sound can just pierce through you.

During the first few weeks after the adoption, we wondered if we hadn’t made a huge mistake by getting in way over our heads! We actually argued over what to do, and were seriously considering returning all three (with a sense of tremendous guilt and failure) due to the screaming, biting, and charging after our Gracie and Kiwi. We asked ourselves, “How can we live like this?” We were encouraged to give it a little more time, and so we did.

Are we sure glad we did! Billy's screaming has improved tremendously since those first few weeks, and each day, he continues to make more progress. Billy also seemed to be a high-strung, nervous little guy. He did not play with toys, but would pace back and forth just screaming.

The only time it seemed as if he would stop screaming, was when we took him into the shower. Billy LOVES water and he loves his showers- especially when taken with Eddie, his “Daddy“. Since showers help to alleviate his agitation, Billy gets showers at least 4x per week.

Another thing we noticed is that he seemed so hyper-vigilant. It occurred to us that maybe he didn’t always get a good night sleep, so we started putting him to bed a little earlier to ensure he got at least 10 - 11 hrs. After just two nights of more sleep, Billy’s screaming started to decrease.

Since we have separate sleep cages for all of our birds that we keep in our bedroom with us, Eddie moved Billy‘s sleep cage next to his side of the bed. This has also made a tremendous difference in Billy’s behavior. He and Eddie are best buddies! Every morning Eddie reaches over to Billy’s cage, unlocks it, and Billy and Eddie snuggle together for a few minutes.

Finally, Billy seems to be connecting! Eddie absolutely adores Billy, and it is clear that Eddie is Billy’s favorite person/bird. Billy will accept me, but only if Eddie is not around! I often tease Eddie that it’s too bad I don’t have a little orange head a green body, so I can get some of that affection and attention given so tenderly to Billy!

But in all seriousness, it really is a beautiful thing to see this bird slowly transform into this intelligent, lively little soul that he was always intended to be!

Through trial-and-error, accidental discovery, and a deep bond between father and fid (feathered kid), Billy is settling down and connecting. What has made the most difference, was paying attention to what he seemed to enjoy, giving him one-on-one time, increasing his sleep time, taking him on weekend breakfast outings (where we can sit outside), and encouraging him to try new things (like stepping up on a swing). We would like to learn clicker training to build Billy’s confidence and stimulate his mind.

Adoption is an incredibly rewarding experience.

However, since often so little is known about a bird’s previous experiences and history, you must be prepared to endure the most trying and stressful of circumstances, and be willing to wait at least 3 months before giving up.

This experience has taught us patience & faith, and has helped us to become more sensitive to all of our birds and the signals they give us as they attempt to communicate with us.

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Sammy the Sun Conure

by Barbara
(West Islip, New York)

Sammy the Sun Conure

Sammy the Sun Conure

This is our beautiful Sun Conure, Sammy. He was hatched in February, 2004 and we adopted him when he was just a few months old. My husband and I quickly became his flock and its been that way ever since. We were originally told he would be attached to only 1 person, but he loves us both equally.

Sammy has 2 very large cages in the living room and bedroom and likes to fly through the house from cage to cage. He sleeps in his own furry bed, but loves to cuddle under our blankets for the night and wake us up in the morning with kisses all over our face. His breakfast treat is fresh papaya every morning.

He does not speak, but mimics words like "I'm a good boy", "Thank you", "I love you". He also mimics my husband's laugh and my kisses. In the past year he has also learned how to wave hello.

While he loves the 2 of us very much, he will rarely go to anyone else and screeches nonstop if we have company. He has also flown and attacked if let out of the cage, depending if he likes the person or not... but that has happened maybe 2 or 3 times. We know he is just trying to protect us and we have learned to put him in the bedroom cage to play with his toys until the company leaves.

He loves attention, and although he flies, he would rather be on one of us while he's out of the cage. When he's in his cage, he will entertain us by dancing - classical music is his favorite. He's such a good boy and we our lucky to have him in our lives!

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He made me Smile - Blue Crown Conure Story

by Katie Johnson
(Greenport New York, United States)

Striking a Pose! ( Blue Crowned Conure )

Striking a Pose! ( Blue Crowned Conure )

Marcello is a Blue Crowned (Sharp Tailed) Conure. He was hatched on July eleventh, 2008 and is DEFINITELY a one person bird! He loves cuddles, but so long as they're with me. He'll put up with the other members of the household, especially if they have something good to eat, but other than that he never lets me leave his sight.

Marcello can be loud, but he very rarely screeches. Only when we first come home, and he's looking for attention. He's got a real personality on him, and he really helped me in a very depressing time in my life.

Back in August of 2008, my Father was rushed to the hospital. He was put in an induced coma, for some stupid mistakes. Every day, my family would meet at the hospital for visits, and to discuss what we were going to do. I wasn't myself. Visiting my dad made knots tie in my stomach, and I couldn't stop crying. Once school started, I was pulled from classes throughout any time of the day, and dragged up to the hospital during emergencies. Somedays I didn't even attend my classes at all. Everything was getting so hard, between school, my dad in the hospital, and the fact that it was my junior year and I was expected to take SAT's.

One day, on our way back from the hospital my mom decided to make a stop at PetCo, to grab some seed for her two Cockatiels. I myself was never a bird person, but PetCo was one of my favorite places to be, simply because I loved animals in general. Nothing seemed to amuse me in the store that day. It was quiet, and most of the animals had been sold, you could tell they needed a new shipment. And, just by chance, when walking past the bird room, I peeked inside.

There, in the back of the room, was a strange looking bird hanging upside down by one foot from the top of his cage, swinging in circles, singing to himself. He was just so amusing that I had to go inside and check him out. The name plate on the cage said "Marcello". Though I was advised not to, I ended up wriggling my fingers between the bars of the cage, and this goofy little bird hopped right onto them, and started nuzzling against them, and chirping at me. He let me scratch his head through the cage, and his goofy antics put a smile on my face, in a time when I thought nothing could.

After that day, whenever we left the hospital, my mom made a stop at PetCo so that I could play with the strange little bird. It made her happy to see that something could cheer me up so much. The staff got used to me hanging around, and they'd often tell me stories about him. I learned that he'd been there almost a year, and that it was strange he took to me so fast.

My father passed away in October. I'd come to terms with the fact that he wouldn't make it long ago, though the fact of it all still hurt. We didn't go to PetCo anymore.. there was no need to drive all the way up there, until one day when my mom had to get more seed for her 'tiels. She looked over at me in the car, and asked if I wanted Marcello.

Of course I said yes! I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for this goofy little blue Crown. He's really become the apple of my eye, and I admit, I tend to spoil him rotten!

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Mamba - Conure

by Niki

Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

Mamba was born June 22, 2007. He is a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure. He is pretty quiet but he loves to sleep on his back.

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I love my green cheeked conure

by Meaghan Landry
(Sudbury Ontario)

I have a green cheeked conure who just turned a year old February 4th.Her name is Sasha.My Sasha does not like very other people other than myself.I personally think she loves males more than females.
She enjoys cuddleing,but mainly when its done in the dark,or in the evening time.
Sasha only seems to be loud when I put her back in her cage or leave her in a room by herself.
Sasha is VERY protective of me,just the other day my bf was cuddleing with my and sasha was perched on the back of the couch behind me,and she ran after his hands and scared him off to the other side of the couch,man,did he ever move REAL fast.
Living with a parrot is an absolutely WONDERFUL experience!!I would not take it back for the world!!

To be honest I never had an interest in birds what so ever,not even on the day i took her home.

I had went to the pet store to go and get a fish for my new apartment,i was walking by the other animal section,mainly the bird section and something happened to catch my eye.
There she was,my beautiful little baby girl.
As i was walking by i saw her jump from bar,to bar,just to watch me walk by,i walked by again on purpose to see what shed do,and she did it again,i knew at that very moment i had to had her,and so be it.

Ive had her for aprox 8 months now.She is the most interesting creature ive ever been around.She has a HUGE personality,she mimics me,and she gives kisses,she's in to everything and anything.

To be honest,I love her more than anything in the world.She's my bestfriend:)I would suggest to anyone that can afford a green cheeked conure,to definetly own one.

I must say they are very messy though,and can be loud at times,and can demand alot of attention,but over all,are worth every penny and every ounce of your time.

I love my green cheeked conure!


Turtle the Sunday Conure - #2

by Sean and Terence
(San Francisco)

Turtle the Sunday Conure

Turtle the Sunday Conure

Just wanted to post another picture!

The Loveable LeeLoo Sun Conure

by momof17fids

Whats up

Whats up

This lovely little lady is LeeLoo, LeeLoo was born in March of 2006. I met her in September of 2006.
I went into a pet store to see the birds, and I saw these little orange birds, when I reached in to pet one this little bird climbed up my arm and onto my shoulder and wouldn't get off, the employees and no one could get her off me, she wouldn't budge. So my fiance bought her for me. We named her LeeLoo from the Bruce Willis movie "The Fifth Element".

LeeLoo is an everyone bird, she loves PEOPLE in general she is a friendly little package of more personality than I ever imagined a bird could have. She is my baby. She cuddles, and grooms. LeeLoo is not a loud bird, but she does make some noise.

LeeLoo can hang upside down, she will lay on her back in my hand,she will hang by one foot, let me pick her up by her beak, she gives kisses, grooms, and talks. Her favorite word is BRAT, but she can also say, mine, eat, kiss, love, mom, dad, night night, dog dog (she screams this), out and I can't think of the others.

Living with LeeLoo has been a blessing, I love this little baby with ALL MY HEART and SOUL.

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Turtle the Sunday Conure (3 years old)

by Sean and Terence
(San Francisco)

Awwwwwwww Terence and Turtle

Awwwwwwww Terence and Turtle

We love Turtle!!

She is the most loving bird I've ever met. As soon as she wakes up she NEEDS to be on you. If you don't pick her up she screeches until we come get her, or jumps off her perch and searches the house for us.

She loves to cuddle and loves to climb into our shirts for naps, occasionally poking her head out to see whats going on. She loves to kiss and once she finds your lips shes stuck until you push her away, even then it's hard to get her away from the lips...Haha, she's very loving and affectionate.

She's not mean at all and loves pretty much every one although she can be nippy if shes woken up. Other than that she's a total character and a pleasure to have in the house.

Like Turtle always says, "Good Bye"..:)

Sean, Terence and Turtle

Here is another picture of Turtle with Sean

Sun Conure Photo photo / picture

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Love my Blue Crowned Conure!

by Jen
(LaGrange, Il)

If you are thinking about a Blue Crowned Conure let me give you a little first hand advice. They do require a lot of attention (meaning direct handling, talking, playing with etc). They also require an incredible amount of toys (which can be pricey). However they are extremely playful and affectionate! They are also especially easy to train.

We have had our blue crowned Marly for about about 7-8 months now. He was a baby and we bought him from a breeder at a bird show. When we bought him he did not even know how to step up. That was achieved within a couple days, then came the talking.

He is always learning new phrases and even uses them appropriately. Some of his favorites are : What' cha doing?, Want to come out? Where's Marly?----Peek a Boo, Thank you, Kisses followed by a smooch sound etc. He calls out for me like my kids do MAAAAAAA. Yells Hello when you come in the door.

We potty trained him LOL. My husband was tired of being pooped (by the way the poops are huge) so about every 5-10 we take him off us for a potty break on the paper towel. We just tell him to go poop and he does. Now he even says "go poop" and then goes. Not great table talk for when you have guests over LOL.

Make sure you have room for a large cage in a well used room in the house. Blue Crowned conures love to be around people and all the action of the household. They also love to take baths. They are messy throwing food around and require very frequent cage cleanings since they love to play on the bottom of their cage with foot toys like balls or blocks. Marly loves to literally roll on the floor of his cage with his toys. Really is adorable to watch.

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Sonny the Sun Conure

by Krissy

I have a sun conure that is 22 weeks old. I have no regrets whatsoever for getting him, because he brings so much life into the house when the kids are at school. He has quite the attitude though, and when there's something, or someone, that he's not fond of , he makes sure you know. I find that when I'm gone for the day (I'm a student), he gets very upset with me when I get home. He's barely ever alone, because my fiance is a stay at home dad :) he always tell me, "geez babe, sonny was just fine til YOU got here" As soon as I walk in the door, he shrieks and squawks, and frantically hops around, crouching down and twitching his wings like he can barely contain himself. I go to pick him up, and he stands on my shoulder.He will then proceed to tell me off for leaving him for a minute or two, and acts a bit cold when I try to snuggle him. Once he's had his say though, all is forgiven and he sits on my shoulder, or hops from me to my fiance and our oldest son, making those soft little happy noises that I love so much.
He's also a bit of a showoff, and loves to climb the curtains when he has an audience. He will then climb to the center of the 2 curtains, and sit looking out the window with one foot holding each curtain, like he's doing the splits. My fiance calls this "the van damme move".
My fiance seems to be the only man he likes a lot. If any of our guy friends come over and ask to hold him, he'll go to them no problem, but as soon as he hops onto their hand or shoulder he'll puff up and drop a poop bomb on them. If it's a woman or girl that wants to hold him though, he snuggles in their neck, like he does with me and kisses their face.
He really is a unique little dude, and we all love him dearly. I can't even imagine what my morning routine was like before i had my lil Sonny to greet me and keep me company while everyone else is still asleep..

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Yet unnamed Sun Conure

by ulven

I just got a Sun Conure yesterday. He has already bit my husband (not really hard, I think my husband scared him) and steps up on my finger. He likes when I "itch" his head and doesn't try to bite me.
I have wanted one for about 10 years when I worked in a pet store and there was one there that totally bonded with me. He would lay on his back in my hand and play dead when I asked him to. But, he would also bite anyone else that came close to him.
I am a little unsure what his behavior means. He lays his head down and his butt up in the air. He also has run his beak up and down the bars of his cage and my finger when I have my hand in the cage.
He also waggles his tongue at me if I do it to him.
I would appreciate any advice as I am so happy with him and don't want to give him any bad habits.
His wings were clipped right before I got him, but he likes to come and sit on the top of his cage.
He does shriek, but if I shush him, he will quiet. He does it when I leave the room, but I don't come in til he is quiet again as I think he will learn that I come back if he shrieks, bad habit, right?
Also, the people he came from put a wire platform in his cage. He doesn't sit anywhere else but there, doesn't play with any toys or sit on his rope swing. Should I take the platform out?

Here's my sweet conure Gabriel !

by Karen
(East Lansing, MI)

This is Gabriel, my 4 yr old white eyed conure. I have had him since he was first weaned from his mother. I can't begin to tell you the joy Gabriel brings to my life. I miss him like I do my children whenever I am away from them.
Gabriel is as smart as a whip and loves to sing and dance. Every morning he rings a bell in his cage and that is my cue to come and sing his good morning song to him. I end the song (which I composed myself) with "poop poop dee do" and Gabriel does his business. He never poops outside of his cage!
Gabriel also will say "bye bye" when he sees me put my coat on and then gives me kisses until I am out the door.
Gabriel has shown me that birds have feelings too (which I always suspected). I can't imagine my life without him!

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Udo the Sun Conure and Sherlock the Hahns Macaw

by Ferdinand
(Burnsville, MN)

Harriet meets Udo and Sherlock

Harriet meets Udo and Sherlock

2008 has been a year of change in our house. We are currently a a family with 2 birds and 3 dogs who are currently training their two humans. We started out being a family of 2 dogs and 1 bird, but after having our 16 year old miniature schnauzer die, and our one year old sun conure fly away, we ended up with our current household.

Our Sun Conure is so clownish and playful - so full of energy. Sun Conures do get loud, but usually it is to greet us. The Hahns Macaw is much more deliberate, and surprisingly is very affectionate, and loves to be scratched and petted. The Sun Conure does not yet like to be scratched, (our old conure loved to be scratched and was very affectionate). The two of them get along wonderfully and love to be outside of their cages and on their climbing nets.

When one is out of the other's eye sight, they call to each other. They also seem to compete for attention, which is good for getting them to try new foods and training in general. We are pleased with the decision to get two - they are not that much more work than just one (not like our puppies, where two seems like 100). We are even thinking about getting another bird down the line a bit.

Having plenty of toys helps keep the noise level down. It is interesting to see the preferences the two birds have and how one toy can be a favorite for the Sun while it is ignored by the Hahns Macaw - the same for food.

The puppies and birds are growing up together and they have already had a couple of noisy interactions, both seem to be curious of the others - the 10 year old dog already recognizes and has taught the pups that there is a lot of good food on the floor by the cages.

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Milo our Jenday Conure

by Cheri
(Northern California)

I never knew what joy they can bring before we got him.

I never knew what joy they can bring before we got him.

Milo has been apart of our family which consists of my husband, me and our little dog Bailey since April 07. My husband and I had never had a bird before so this was all new to us. We bought him from a very lg bird store that hand feeds all their birds.

After we bought him we had a short waiting period before we could bring him home. Something they do with all birds. During that time I read any and every book I could on Conures. I wanted to be a responsible bird owner. I look back and laugh at how scared I was when I first brought him home.

I had read in one of my books it is a good idea to bring them in a small room and close the door. Try to hand feed them and that way they will start to bond with you. I was sitting on the bathroom floor breaking out in a cold sweat I am sure scaring him to death. He did eat a couple bits of apple from me. I did this for a couple days because I knew how important it is to hold your bird to keep it tame.

I built up some confidence and decided we would try our outings in the family room with the dog locked in the laundry room. Over time we all got to know each other.

I had never understood why people loved birds so much. They didn't really do much except make a mess. Was I ever wrong! We love him so much and actually miss him when we put him to bed every night.

For all you other people out there that thought like I did, that birds don't do much, I am so happy to share just some of the things Milo does.

First I don't know how we got so blessed but he loves my husband and I equal. I have heard sometimes they prefer one over the other. Every morning at 7:00 A.M. when I go to his room to uncover his cage he is so happy to see me. He says "out" then "step up", "step up". I then take him to his day cage and say "go potty". He does. I let him eat a little then I get him out and we have play time.

I was so scared when I first brought him home that my dog would hurt him. WRONG! They love each other. Bailey does have a very healthy respect for him ever since he nipped slightly at her nose. He says "Bailey" as if he is calling her. Bailey actually likes to sleep beside his cage during the day when he is in it. He says "I love you" and "peek a boo", He also hangs from the middle of his opened cage door and says "cute", and he is right it is.

I sing to him ever since we brought him home while I was cuddling him under a blouse or robe. That is now one of his favorite things to do. He does not say words when he sings it is like a higher pitch humming. He then starts bobbing his little head and I say "Are you dancing too?" He really rocks out.

I wish my husband had of been the one to teach him to sing because my husband really has a beautiful voice, I laugh so hard when Milo sings because I know he is trying to sound like me. LOL! I can't sing need I say more?

He is such an important part of our family. There are so many precious things he does. Sometimes when my husband is spending time with him he will be talking to Milo and all of the sudden Milo starts silently clicking his little beak together like a puppet. My husband said "Does he ever do that with you?" I said. "NO." We figured it out. My husband has a beard so Milo cant see his lips when he talks. Milo is doing what it looks like my husband is doing. Just moving his jaw... Too funny.

Now that I shared so many precious points I will say he can be loud. IT IS NEVER FOR NO REASON THOUGH. He is either scared or lonely. If it is because he is sacred because company just got here we will say "Quiet." He then says "Quiet", "Quiet." Usually he will quiet down when we say "I will cover you." If he does not stop we do cover his cage for about ten minutes then he is quite.

He also gives kisses. He will almost fall asleep when you gently message the back of his shoulders. If he was a cat he would pur. He just loves it. He also says "tickle tickle" and puts a little foot up so I will tickle the bottom of it.

It is so cute when I am playing with him and he flops over and lays on his back so I can tickle both feet. He even lets me gently pull him up while he hangs on to my finger while he is upside down.

I know Milo is the way he is because of the love we have for him. I think they sense you caring and they know when you don't. I do know Milo responds to praise. He lives for it. If he does something he should not do, I ignore him. If he is loud I cover him for a few minutes.

He knows he can trust us and wants to please us because he gets loving praise. I NEVER get mad at him. He would not understand that and it would destroy trust. That's the most important thing you need to know about owning a bird.

I would not trade our time with him for anything. I often wonder how we managed with out him for all those years.

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Scarlett, Cinnamon green cheek conure

by Cori
(Texas, USA)

Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conure, Scarlett

Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conure, Scarlett

I don't own her.. yet. But I have been going to see her at the pet store just about every day.. Her name at the store is "Scarlett", and she knows her name well.. She is VERY sweet, and I am in love with her. I don't like buying any kind of animal from pet stores, but I really want her.
She has gotten used to my voice from me going to visit her, and she starts chirping and runs to the front of her cage as soon as she hears me say her name.

We are trying to decide if we are going to get her or not, so I thought I would add this up about her.. Even though she isn't mine, I'm already in love with her.

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Just Adopted a Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conure

by Kristen Furia
(Bruceton Mills, WV)

Cracker Face - Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

Cracker Face - Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure

I was in our local Petco buying fish when the sales associate who was assisting me asked if I would be interested in adopting a bird. She explained that the owners brought the bird in because she was prone to biting.

I have never owned a bird before and did not think I was the one for the job. I left with my 2 beta fish but that evening began to wonder if I had made a mistake by denying the bird a good home. The very next day I returned to the store and asked to see the bird.

The girls at the store seemed frightened of this colorful little creature when they brought her out and when she saw me, she flew right on over and perched on my shoulder. Needless to say she won me over at that very moment. They asked for a very small adoption donation and provided me with not only the most beautiful bird I had ever seen, but also with a large cage with many toys and perches.

I have had her for almost a month now and her tendency to "bite" is more or a nipping when she is ignored or wants something. Even though I have never owned a bird, this was easy for me to figure out. Her vibrant personality is truly a delight!!! How anyone could have missed this is beyond me. I am just happy to have been given the chance to spend the time and develop a relationship with her.

She earned the name of Cracker for (I am sure you can guess), her love of crackers!

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Our Sweet Pea - Sun Conure Rescue

by Brenda
(Belmont, NH USA)

Loves to look out side

Loves to look out side

It was a little over a year ago that I received a call from a friend who heard about a Sun Conure that was in a bad environment. Just for the record I was not look Sun and a 1 yr old Green Cheek Conure and two Cockatiels and two Society Finches, but much to my surprise this Sun was living in my home town (which I might add is a small town in NH).

So I went there to see this bird and my heart sank right to my knees. In all my life I have never seen anything so terrible. This place was not fit for humans never mind a bird. I won't go into details but lets just say you could hardly have room to walk and stuff was every where.

There in front of the stove on the floor sat this old nasty cage with this bird in the corner with no toys, only one perch and the dirtiest cage I ever seen. My eyes were burning from the smell, I mean tears were running down my face. I paid the person a hundred dollars and ran out with this little guy.

He was abused so bad. The children must have poked him and taunted him because he hates children so bad that he will try to attack them. He is also missing part of a toe. We clipped his wings right away, his feathers were so dull and nasty looking.

He wouldnt let us touch him at all. Now a little over a year later he lives with my other Sun, Sunny and my Green Cheek Pickles. All three are buddies. We can now touch his beak, do the step up command, and give him a bath in a bowl. He looks beautiful, his feathers are a amazing color.

If you cough he will copy you and he loves to dance. The most amazing thing is that he no longer bites. If he is upset with me he will just put pressure on my finger. He has come a long way. I just can not believe that there are people out there that could treat a living creature like that. No matter what happens I shall make sure that Sweat Pea never will live in fear, neglect again.

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