Conure picking at his feet

by Jaime McCall
(Hudson, Florida)

My fiance and I have a cherry headed conure. Many months ago he started mutilating his feet. Originally we thought it might be a toy bleeding out on his feet, until we realized it was picked raw and it was blood.

we immediately took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics. He was also given a cone to put on his head. He got over the first time and we started letting him out of his cone for short periods of time and he did it again. Because the vet couldn't really tell us anything the second time (gave us meds and told us to put him in the cone again) he again picked a spot in his foot so we took tommy to another vet. the second vet took samples of his feet and put us on meds again and put him back in the cone.

in the samples from his feet she found mites but said it wasnt[ serious and gave us a spray to use on his feet to help. he has been doing great for a month or so and then today he picked his foot back open again. do you have any suggestions on what is going on, we are worried that he is hurting for some reason and don't want to keep putting him through this. thanks

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May 10, 2009
have youre vet give
by: Anonymous

him a shot of luprion , we had a sun conure do the same thing his hormon levels were sky high and he was making his feet bleed after three years of testing and nothing medically wrong the next step was his hormons and once the shot was given he stop and to this day he has not picked his feet. birds gets ranging and really needs hormon levels checked

Mar 28, 2009
Treating mites on birds
by: The Vet

Sprays are of no use in treating mites. So if your bird has mites, you will need to treat this differently. An oral medication called ivermectin is what needs to administered. Then you will need to treat his environment to get rid of the source of the mites.

You also need to look at other possible causes such as preservatives and artificial ingredients on the diet, contact allergies to environmental allergens, does anyone in the family smoke tobacco?

This could also be a circulation problem, so a good listen to the heart might reveal a cause, and even x-rays could be beneficial.

Dr B

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