conure plucked feathers while with previous owner.

by Dawn

We have a conure that was left covered,and he plucked out feathers,since we have had him alot have grown back,but I was wondering if it was on to rub baby oil,or some kind of oil on his remaining bare spots?Here is a picture of one area of his bare spots.We also spray him everyday with an aloe juice,the lady that gave him to us said to spray it on him everyday.
Thank You

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Aug 09, 2009
Conure Plucked Feathers
by: Tiels3

She is beautiful! I have a Cockatiel who was used as a breeder bird, and her entire head and neck feathers were plucked out (by others) - I was told by a bird breeder to rub vitamin E oil on her head and her feathers would come back in a year or so. In the 7 years I have had her, quite a few feathers have grown back. Even though she looks like a turkey vulture still, (lol), I tell her she is beautiful every day. But, the vitamin E oil has helped, atlhough with her, it has taken quite some time and I don't believe she may get all of her feathers back. For all I know, she might have had some issues when she was hatched, and the male plucking just added to the problem.
But vitamin E might help your baby.

Editors note: Dr B does not suggest oils on birds because they can spread them to their whole body when preening. Check with your vet before putting anything oily on your bird's feathers.

Aug 08, 2009
Beautiful Birdy!
by: Linda

Congratulations on your new friend, and she will be very beautiful once her feathers come back in.I believe she is a Queen of Bavaria or Golden Conure and will be the most beautiful bird on the block once her feathers are all back in! Be sure not to get the aloe into her eyes or mouth or nose as it could hurt her in those areas. After she is fully feathered, use the aloe once a week, unless she begins to pluck them again.

Use a plastic plant sprayer filled with warm, not hot clean water to give her baths inbetween the aloe baths. You are probably using one for the aloe now, so once feathers are in, use it only once a week. Wait until she has become covered with feathers again. The bitter taste of the aloe is probably also helping to keep her from plucking more feathers. You'll just have to watch her and see if she starts to pluck again.

A good toy that will help right now is made of 100% cotton rope, and birds like to unbraid it until it is very fluffy which is when you get another one. You can buy some at least 1/4" cotton rope and put some knots in it and let it hang down for her to preen. You can buy a toy that looks like a funnel except it has cotton rope coming out the bottom. It comes with a chain and hanger and is great fun for a nervous bird who likes to pluck or for any bird for that matter.

Wooden toys strung on cotton rope with a lot of knots between pieces is also good for her. She can bite and chew on the wood and try to undo the knots and have a lot of fun doing that. I buy 1/4" white cotton rope, either buy or make shapes out of safe wood like kiln dried pine, walnut, birch, or manzanita, drill a 3/8" hole in pieces and string them on rope with knots before and after each toy piece. Buy large nickel plated Quik Links, tie rope in a knot to attach it to cage.

You can also make toy bases out of the same woods, drill holes in bases and string the rope through multiple holes, each rope piece holding toys. For color, I use Crayola's Washable Paints for kids which are non-toxic. They are water-based, so toys will fade some when washed. This is nice though because pieces fade onto the rope and it is then stained with a little color. It's fun too!

We are all very proud of you for taking a bird who looks less than perfect. I've done rehab on several parrots who were bare of feathers and nobody wanted them. One was a Queen of Bavaria Conure like yours, and she had been neglected like yours and was completely bare of feathers except on her head. They turned out to be very beautiful birds with some quality time and attention from someone who really cared about them. You are on the road to having a gorgeous Golden Conure (other name for the Queen of Bavaria).

Aug 08, 2009
Conure with plucked feathers
by: Tracie

Bless you for taking this bird!

Never, ever put oil on your bird! Thanks for asking before doing this. The aloe is good for your bird, keep that up.

We have some articles that you should read on our Parrot Training page that Dr B has written to help people with birds that have feather destruction problems. I suggest you read all of them, even though they are similar.

We have other articles on that page you might want to read also. Thanks for writing!

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