Conure scratches at cage bottom

by Trish A

Our conure goes down to the bottom of her cage and with her feathers all fluffed up uses her beak to dig into the pellets on the floor like she's digging for something. She scatters the stuff all over throwing it outside the cage as well.

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Jan 16, 2012
Conure scratches at cage bottom
by: Linda

You have to have a grate in the bottom of cage to keep your bird from being able to touch thrown food or poop as both will make the bird sick with a bacterial infection. Once bird has the infection, only an Avian Vet can diagnose it and give you correct dosage of meds to cure it. Birds do not get over infections without being diagnosed and treated. They continue to become sicker and sicker until they die.

It would be much easier on the bird's health and your money to put a grate in the bottom of cage. Most cages come with grates, so you may need to get a new cage for your bird. Make sure bar size and distance between bars is correct for your size bird.


Jan 15, 2012
Conure scratching bottom of dish and scattering pellets
by: Tracie

Some birds do this. You will need to purchase a feeder that either keeps the pellets inside or does not allow them to get in the pellets so that they don't get scattered.

You should NOT have the pellets on the bottom of the cage where poop can get in them. There are all kinds of unique bird feeders and bowls available now to prevent this behavior.

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