Conure screams for attention all the time

by yvonne

Hello. My 13 year old conure always screams for attention when left alone. I know this can be a normal thing a bird does to call to the flock, but it is becoming so very disruptive. What steps can I take to help her stop doing this. I feel I should be able to leave the room freely with only the occasional squawk. She is constant. I want to help this bird relax, and I want to keep my sanity. It seems she has chronic anxiety or perhaps she has overbonded to me? I'm pulling my hair out. help!

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Jun 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

As a sun conure owner & from sun conure previous experiences, sun conures only scream incessantly if they are not getting enough attention. They are a VERY needy bird & they will not hesitate to scream your house down if they don't think you have given them the attention they need. The attention you give them, you might think is enough, but may not be enough. This is a common mistake many sun conure owners do make.

My sunnie will scream like this as well if I haven't given her enough attention. The sun conure is a typical velcro bird or 'cling on' & like to be with their human care takers as much as possible. If they feel they have not had enough of your attention & you are ignoring the bird because of the screaming you are only going to make it worse & scream more. Give the bird more attention each day & see if the screaming starts to settle down. Give it lots of chew toys, bits of wood etc... Sun conures are extremely destructive & love to chew things to pieces so find things for your sunnie to chew & keep it occupied as well.

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